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So I am going to apply to SPC's RN program for the Jan 2010 semester. I have everything but my Micro/Lab finished. I know they look at your GPA from certain classes and I have all B's in those... Read More

  1. by   Flcarpediem

    I just got the message in my email that you replied - how strange! Anyway, hope all went well with your mtg. He did say the day I was there that some alternates didn't show which meant an automatic reshuffling, so depending on where they were in the grand scheme of things, it may or may not affect us. I recall you were #4, though, right? I'm #5 so I'm sure we're in anyway. I just desperately want days so I don't have to do that grueling summer! And there is one location that is just sooo close to my home and school route that it would be so less painful to be there at 6 am, so I am praying hard for that one
    Let me know if you hear anything and I'll do the same!
    Take care
  2. by   thepopes
    I want days too. He gave me the hospital list and I didn't know where ANY of them were. He said most were in St. Pete and I'm in Clearwater so I guess it doesnt matter that much which one I get. I just remembered someone on here saying that ******* was a good teacher so I picked that as my number one. It was the hospital on Largo/Clearwater Rd??? I've also applied through EAYL, but thats a long shot. They have much closer hospitals and you are guaranteed the day program. UGH..this is all so frustrating. Yes, #4. I didn't get any paperwork though (orientations, dates for decisions) do you think I need any of that?
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  3. by   Morgan0429
    thepopes- I felt the same way about my interview. I am glad to hear about the 24 spots, but I am frustrated that we wont hear anything for another month! I need to get my student loan stuff processed and all that stuff ASAP! The thing I am not sure about....I am reading all these posts about the schedule of day or night/summer classes and what hospitals you get to pick. How does that all work if you get accepted into EAYL? I mean, are all the good spots going to be taken from the studnents already with SPC? Or are there spots set aside??? Anyone know?
  4. by   Flcarpediem
    I know where all the hospitals are and you're definitely closest to Healthsouth. I hate not being able to instructor-shop this time, but what can you do?! Anyway, the next orientation for us will be Nov 12th I believe (I also didn't get any paperwork). He just mentioned that there would be reps from "expansion programs" which are Largo Med and Northside's versions of EAYL. He said come dressed to interview if you want to be considered for one of those spots. You would be at the facility that "hires" you for the duration of Nursing school (pros and cons I guess). Letters will go out for that early Nov as some spots become available - at least that was my understanding. And then we'd get all the info then for drug/background check and book list. Start saving!!
  5. by   thepopes
    I hear you on the student loans. I'm waiting to hear before I send in all of my info. I asked which hospitals they use and she said they use Baycare hospitals just like SPC. However, not all of SPC's choices were Baycare hospitals. The choices were Northside, HealthSouth, BayPines VA and St. Anthony's. She did mention that they use Morton Plant hospitals as overflow due to the overwhelming number of students in the other hospitals.
    I'm thinking that the EAYL spots are set aside and are for the day program only. At least I'm hoping.

    Flcarpediem- Thanks! Are you trying for an expansion program or just hoping to get in through school?
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  6. by   Flcarpediem
    I'm just not into the expansion or EAYL. If I had to work and study that hard I'm not sure I'd make it; my 3 kids are still too time-consuming!
  7. by   thepopes
    I agree..I'm still wishy washy on the whole thing. I have a 2 year old and want to spend as much time with her as I can. Good luck and see you at the orientation next month.
  8. by   Morgan0429
    thepopes....when you said they are taking 24..is that for the entire year or per porgram??? They normally take 12 each group and that is twice a year. So those 2 groups would be 24 people. OR are they taking 24 each group to make 48 for the year?? Does that make any sence?? LoL
  9. by   thepopes
    Yeah, that makes sense. I honestly have no idea. I forgot that they also do EAYL for the fall semester. I just asked how many applicants they are accepting. Ugh...I wish I would have been more specific. Sorry I can't be of more help!
  10. by   Morgan0429
    Update for EAYL- I called ****** today to see what the deal is...She said unless a miracle happens and they find a teacher...they are only taking 12 for this group. She also told me they will let people know by the end of the month. So we will see
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  11. by   shesarriot
    I hope everthing works out for all of you. The whole process is painstaking, but exciting.
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  12. by   Terecil
    Morgan0429, when they say they will notify at the end of the month, do they mean this week, which is the last week in October? or the end of November?
  13. by   thepopes
    Did everyone get the letter about Northside and Largo Med accepting 24 students into their expansion programs? I wasn't sure if they sent that out to all applicants notifying them.