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  1. Morgan0429

    Graduating SPC this week!!! Found out I have a job! YAY!!

    I'm not sure where you got that 30%, but the past 2 semesters the graduation/pass rate has been in the 90th percentile.
  2. HOLY COW! I did it!!! 2 years of blood, sweat and tears and it's finally over! To anyone currently in SPC's RN program or about to begin their journey, SPC really does a great job to to prepare you for what is to come. The instructors have been great and I have made life-long friendships in the program. I also found out I have a job waiting for me when I pass my boards! YAY!!!!! Good luck to all :)
  3. Morgan0429

    Baycare EAYL Graduates

    I am graduating in less than a month and am SO thankful I am an EAYL grad! I have worked at Morton Plant Clearwater for about 2 years now and that got me the chance to get my foot in the door with my manager. There are very limited job opportunities out there for new grads unless you are already working for a facility. As far as the 3 year commitment, I really don't care because if I get bored with one area, I can go to another speciality or hospital. Also, if for some reason you don't get placed after graduation to a unit, they let you out of your contract. This program is an amazing gift. Not only is your tuition and books paid for, you pretty much get paid to go to class and you get a job while in school to master your skills. Are you in the program or just inquiring? PM me if you have any questions :)
  4. Morgan0429

    How do you deal with feces???

    You'll get over it. I'm fine with poop, but its sputum, trach care and feet that make me gag.
  5. Morgan0429

    When working in the hospital Which Floor is the Best Floor

    MED/SURG! You learn/see soooooooo much!
  6. Morgan0429

    Please help! Interviewing for a PCT job and nervous!

    I am a PCT and in my senior yr of NS. I googled "tough to answer interview questions and answers" and you can get a lot of ideas that way. I HATE that "what is your weakness" question. I found a good one though....My weakness is I have difficulty working with lazy people or people that don't pull their weight. Then I turn it into how maybe there was something I could be doing to help that person...maybe they dont know EXACTLY what they are supposed to be doing and offer my help. Good luck with your interview! :)
  7. Morgan0429

    SPC fall 2011 nursing program

    They will tell you when everything is due by on the first day but it is generally before you have your first day of clinicals in the hospital which isn't going to be for at least a month after school starts
  8. Morgan0429

    How did nursing school effect your health?

    I have had 15lbs in weight gain in 1.5 years,GERD, anxiety that has triggered palpitations (PVC's) and I now have IBS. So yeah.....it has taken a toll on my health
  9. Morgan0429

    SPC Nursing School Entry

    Are you thinking of BayCARE's EAYL? I didn't know BayFRONT has one? I got into Baycare's EAYL and going into level 4 in Aug. As for applying, it always looks better when you have more classes DONE rather than still enrolled, but you never know...
  10. Morgan0429

    SPC Nursing School Entry

    That looks like a pretty good GPA. You won't know until you apply :) Also, try programs like earn as you learn and largo med...that's how I got in!
  11. Morgan0429

    Pay for new grad

    Tampa bay area (pinellas county) $22.75 days and $27 for nights. TAKE IT!
  12. Morgan0429


    I am going on my final semester for my RN and I have been working 20hr/wk at a hospital and on top of that took out student loans. My paychecks are tiny so I wouldn't have been able to make it through without the loans. Good luck! :)
  13. Morgan0429

    SPC, Helen Ellis experience

    Level 3 is NUTS! I found it the hardest yet. I had those instructors for theory and it was just like any other theory class...they pretty much just read off the powerpoints. Ugh!
  14. A man and woman in my clinical group just got engaged recently. They met in NS. It's up to you what you let distract you from your studies.
  15. Morgan0429

    ??question?? for cna's

    I live in Tampa Bay area and am in NS working as a PCT (pretty much the same as a CNA) and make 11.88/hr
  16. Morgan0429

    Should I be worried about back problems?

    I threw my back out last week boosting a 300 lb patient because the person helping me was weak :) Good thing I have chiropractic care covered by my insurance!

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