PHCC Fall 2013 hopefuls - page 24

Just wanted to see who all is applying for any program in the fall. I'm going to be applying for the generic RN and LPN program for backup.... Read More

  1. by   Keith Stone
    The RN Student Handbook is available on the PHCC web site,nursinghandbook-rn.pdf, Nurse-Practice-Act.pdf, we filled out a paper that said we recieved it in our original pack, we are supposed to print it up (about 60 pages so make sure you have ink) and bring it on the first day. At orientation they said it was being updated and it would be available when it was finished, so keep checking the links.
  2. by   Cam1801
    One week left, count down is on!!!!!
  3. by   brn14me
    haha! yes it is! excited....and nervous.

    basically just ready to kick some ass!
  4. by   brn14me
    Today is the day!! Good Luck everyone!
  5. by   cnamarieg
    Just curious about how everyone is doing in the nursing program and for everyone who is in the Nursing Transition program, what is the schedule like? is it easy to continue to work and go to school? alot of homework? how many days a week do you go to school?
  6. by   able2012
    Hi, is anyone still in the transition program? Pls give me a little gist of how it has been and what books I'll need.
    @Jubees, how's the program going for ya? I wish you guys all the best!
  7. by   ScarletJones
    I was hoping for a little update myself....I would love to hear feedback on how everything is going.
  8. by   able2012
    Hi scarletJones, which program are you trying to get into?