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hi, i wanted to know are there any mdc students who know any information on the nursing program. i have all my requirements and all i need is chemistry. i am trying to apply to the accelerated... Read More

  1. by   on eagles wings
    I don't know... I don't think they allow that anymore. I can tell you right off the bat my prof won't. She is sooo strict. I suggest you make flashcards with Qs and As. That's how I studied for A&P.... My prof said I should do that for micro now. And get the study guide for the book too, or get the book "Microbiology the Easy Way" by Barron. It is simpler and has like 100 something questions for each chapter...
  2. by   ZeppHead8
    Is there a major math component to MicroBiology, as with Chem 1033?
  3. by   nlion87
    no there is not
  4. by   Nursingforever
    I started this program in August 2008,,,, and today I am a REGISTERED NURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys,,, don't give up!!!!!!!!!!!!