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ra-ma13 has 3 years experience and specializes in Palliative.


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  1. Hi, rolling bag is a must for me. There is no way I can carry all those books in my hand. It's up to you. I always pack my lunch and a few bottles of water, so it's very helpful. I bought my stet. at allheart.com, I think as a nurse you want to have a good stet. because that is a big investement and you will be using it a lot and you want to be able to hear the "sounds". Mine was usd 79 and I think is very good. Good luck! enjoy your vacation because you will be very very busy for a while!
  2. Yes ! and they will be your best friends for a while! Good luck! (A former student)
  3. Hi, if you are going to Homestead campus, we can dress as usual. They don;t requiere us to wear the uniform (as Medical campus does). We only need to used it for clinicals day or the lab coat for assessment class and skills class (just keep the lab in the trunk of the car ...jejeje just in case). For clinicals you need to wear everything, white uniform, the Id with your name on ( you know , the id that cost you usd 8 at medical campus and you need to request on time), plus your mdc id and cpr card , penlight, stetoscp,etc. I used white plain regular snickers and it was fine (make sure they are all white). For clinical female; try to get your hair up and avoid jewelery. Other than that if you choose Homestead you will do great! I love my campus ! best luck to all of you!
  4. Hi, when I was in my 1rst term we used to have st anne, jackson south, kendall regional, coral gables hosp. For 2nd term, coral gables hosp, kendall regional, homestead hosp, jacson south. For 3th veteran hospital, more kendall regional, miami children, coral gables and jackson south. For 4th mercy hospital, GEo for psy , jackson south, homestead beh. center, hialeah reh center, homestead hospital. Good luck!
  5. ra-ma13

    MDC Generic Fall 2010

    Homestead campus does offer classes for the nursing program but is only offered to generic and full time. When you apply to have to mark the campus of preference. If you already did, I guess you can call and ask. Don't worry about the professors names. In Homestead there are pnlya few professor, and they offer always the same classes. So you have no choise. But I can assure you that they are all great! So far I have had a great experience in all my classes. Good luck!
  6. ra-ma13

    MDC Generic Fall 2010

    My suggestion is " if you can drive 'till Homeastead campus" you won't regret it. The best professors! I can't give you name because is not allow as per this page rule. I am a rn generic 3rd therm student at homestead campus and I can assure you that all the professors are very nice and kind ( at least the one I had ). Many of my friends xfransfered to medical and some of them regret it??? that's what they say...who knows. Gongrats and you'll do fine good luck!
  7. ra-ma13

    Miami Dade New Requirements

    It's not that difficult. There is a lot of anatomy, basic chemistry, phyfics, a bit of microbiology and nature of bacteria, etc...I will say more like biology, math, statistics. It's a bit of everything. It;'s ok...good luck
  8. ra-ma13

    Miami Dade College

    Hi! I need advice, what to expect for tests on pharmacology and med surg second term? I guess they are all critical thinking , wright? any comments would be appreciated
  9. ra-ma13

    Anyone starting RN at Miami Dade College Fall 2009?

    I haven't yet and I am at Homestead Campus. Gook luck and good bye , we are on final with two more test to go. The best for you. You got a great scholarship and great professors there. bye
  10. ra-ma13

    Anyone starting RN at Miami Dade College Fall 2009?

    Just in case....if you are lucky enough to get one...Please share it........before I exit the program
  11. ra-ma13

    Anyone starting RN at Miami Dade College Fall 2009?

    Well, tony I am a formal nursing student and I can tell you that you don't get your test back. jejeje I wish I had an old test......... What campus are you going to be?
  12. ra-ma13

    Anyone starting RN at Miami Dade College Fall 2009?

    What are you trying to say? is sarcasm or irony? Good luck!
  13. ra-ma13

    Anyone starting RN at Miami Dade College Fall 2009?

    You don't get your test back. You only get the results.
  14. ra-ma13

    MDC Spring 2010

    Great campus and Great Professors! Enjoy your holidays and rest a lot now. Good luck.
  15. Thks Rostata, see you on Aug 24
  16. Hi Charlyn , I will go to the Homeastead campus too. I still need to buy some things like stetoscope , light pen ,... I am looking around for cheaper price but I know for sure that we want to invest some money in a good one. Good luck!