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I know it is a little early, but anyone plan on applying for FCCJ's spring 2010 program?? If I can get my Nat points up and if I do well in Micro this summer , I will be ready to... Read More

  1. by   thecamster21
    I am not sure how the schedule works exactly because I am entering 4th term in January! I know the clinicals where you do 7 over about 2 and half weeks isnt until after spring break, therefore classes and clinicals are like other terms until then with lots of tests.. It would all depend what week you went and how it worked out.. I dont think they would let you make up a test for that reason, but again I am unsure. You could wait and see when the tests are and go the week there isnt one..
  2. by   FutureRNMom
    Quote from casperostrich
    Future and first termers,
    I noticed the other day that 2 of my 4 classes are already up on BB. It is my health assessment and concepts classes. Yikes, it is a lot of info to read! I think that it will have to wait until after I return from my trip to Virginia. Oh, I still haven't gotten my skills kit yet either! One thing at a time!! The fun begins ladies and gents!!
    Bring it on!!
    Wow I guess it depends on what teachers you get! None of my classes are on BB and I have been checking FAITHFULLY everyday lol
  3. by   casperostrich
    Thanks for trying to give me some info on the 4th semester. I guess I am just missing the skiing. We didn't get to go at the start of this year for money reasons. So I was hoping that 4th term would be flexible enough I could squeak it in next year, my 4th. I have a friend who is a semester ahead of me that would be able to let me know what it will be like. The package has set dates and usually has to be paid for by Jan. 1 for the Feb. trip. So with her ahead of me I will know if I could do it or not. Sigh..... just have to wait and see. My family has missed it two years in a row now and I was hoping next year that my two step-sons and their wives would go with us for a big family trip like when they were teens. So with that it is time to finish Christmas and then focus, focus, focus.
    Merry Christmas to all and a Happy and Successful New Year!
  4. by   casperostrich
    Don't worry, when you see it you won't want to see it! LOL Just a LOT of reading and links, this and that's....
    Just have a stress free Christmas and pinch the little one for me! LOL Enjoy Christmas with her because before you know it she will be like my 7 year old asking every 5 minutes is it time yet?!!! Ahhhhh.
    Merry Christmas!
  5. by   Trelldenhart
    Quote from misswhitney
    Wow, that does not seem very fair. I would much rather have a nurse that got into nursing school because they were smart enough to, rather than because they are male or of a different race. We had a lot of diversity in our class, without this program, because they earned the right to be there. We had at least 10 males out of our small 96 people class. That is almost a complete section. But that is just my two cents. I just feel for the people who barely miss it because of this program.

    WOW...Are you guys serious!
  6. by   Trelldenhart
    Quote from misswhitney
    Please do not take what I said as being discriminating. But the program is hard to get into. It should not give special treatment to those who are different. It really is not fair if someone got in just because they are a certain gender or color, but a white female, who did not miss the original cut off could not get in because she was born a female and born white. When I was in nursing school, I had a male nurse, an Asian nurse, a black nurse, etc. and there were plenty of people in my program (more than 1/4 of the people in our class) who fell under these categories without any special considerations. Oh well, what can you do? I am just glad I am graduated and don't have to witness the drama that surely will come once this program gets known.


    I'm very disturbed by your comments. I'm one of the twenty-four people that got accepted in the Diversity Program I missed the regular program by two points and had a GPA over 3.5 and I truly know I deserved my seat and the right to be in the Spring 2010 Nursing Program. The only difference between the programs is that we get get additional funding and get a little more help with our studies, and us twenty-four will have class together. So I don't feel your comments are accurate and you don't know the story behind the twenty-four individuals. Granted we will be doing nothing different from the regular program.
  7. by   ljonm
    How did you apply for the program?
    Where do you get the paper work and stuff?
  8. by   Trelldenhart
    Quote from FLgirl06
    Absa-freakin'-lutly! The more I think about this the angrier I get. This is PREJUDICED at its finest. You are totally right. If this was a black school, whites would not be given any other chances for entrance. Everyone should be held to the same standard. Just because your points were high doesn't mean you deserve to get treated specially! If you didn't get accepted, there is a reason. YOUR POINTS/GRADES WERE NOT GOOD ENOUGH


    You seem very much disgruntled and very racist! You are missing the whole point of this program and looking for every which way to say something negative about it. Basically what I gather from you is that because white females wasn't included in this program is shouldn't exist. I'm hear to tell that if this was a bad idea Obama definitely wouldn't funded this program and hopefully this program will continue to help minorites. FutureRNmom, thank you so much for trying to make these ignorant individuals understand the Diversity Program, and like you said some people are in the program that also got accepted the regular way but chose to be in the Diversity Program for help with the financial aspects of the program.
  9. by   Trelldenhart
    Quote from FutureRNMom
    Its new they just got funded for this starting springterm, they have 24 additional seat reserved for like 100 people competing for the scholarship, even if they got in the regular way they could get in the program for the scholarship perks, they sent something thru the mail but I didnt really pay attention to it since I got in and already had scholarship, they also have attend 4 hour mandatory study sessions every week and also mandatory saturday workshops once a month, all I know is they are in 2 separate sections together, they didnt do the lottery which I thought sucked not fair but oh well!

    Actually we did do lottery for our clinicals and either we've Baptist and Orange Park, but we've class together.
  10. by   Trelldenhart
    Quote from LovinMyLayla09
    Actually, the diversity program took 24 seats away from the 144 that the spring term usually admits. Our numbers in orientation were picked from 120 pieces of paper. SO, wherever you got the information about the additional seats is wrong. That is why the cut off has been so high for the last two semesters.

    This is the first time for the program and the cutoff has nothing to do with the Diversity Program.
  11. by   FutureRNMom
    Trelldenhart lets not open up the can of worms again I wish you nothing but great success in the program!!! With a gpa way over 3.5 you deserved a seat!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's see you around north campus hopefully!!!
  12. by   parks71
    I agree, the diversity program is BS and I am a minority. I dont want a nurse taking care of me that didnt have the grades but was a certain race/gender. Sorry, I would want the best of the best taking care of me, not someone who got in due to some loop hole. If you dont have the points, go retake the NAT or redo a math class like everyone else. I also have 218 points so I'm not mad because I didnt make it in. I do however feel there should be something that regulates that you do infact hire minorities once you become nurses but not to become a nurse. Just my 2 cents.
  13. by   FutureRNMom
    ***** NEW TOPIC*******

    I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas this year! My daughter had a blast and I enjoyed watching her getting extra excited, I will soon transition from tea parties to back to the books, I really need this break to slllloooowwwww down! LOL