What area are you going in to and why?

  1. I just wanted to find out what area some of the recent graduates have gone into or are going into and why?
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  3. by   missionnurse

    This is my first post on the Graduate Nurse Board! (I'm a bit excited!)

    I just had my job interview and got hired on the Progressive Cardiac Care Unit/ Cardiac Care Unit!

    I loved the unit staff during clinicals and really enjoy the acuity of the patients, as well as the challenge of the cardiac stuff!

    So, I start working on June 9 after taking a little over a month off!

    I can't wait!
  4. by   peaceful2100
    I am starting on a Postoperative surgical care unit which is considered one of the medical-surgical units at the hospital. I am starting there because 1)The position I thought I wanted is really competitive and they can only hire so many new grads. Which makes sense, 2)I also feel that it will also give me more of a chance to decide exactly what I want to do. I have so many areas of interest floating through my mind right now. 3)I also happened to enjoy doing my clinicals on that unit but I say that with only having 2 patients. I know I will probably have a totally different opinion if I end up with 10 patients.
  5. by   ANEWBYRN
    I graduate on 5/17! Woo-Hoo!! I will start working on a cardiac floor. I did my preceptorship in a cardiac step-down unit. I really enjoyed working there and watching clients recover after CABG surgery. When the client is motivated--it's a lot of fun! When the nurse has to motivate the client--it's very tiring. The step down unit doesn't have any openings for graduate nurses. So, I took a job on the floor to gain experience. Cardiac nursing is very interesting and challenging to me. And, I see little indication that America's cardiovascular health will dramatically improve any time soon. This fact gives me an added since of job security. I also look forward to seeing the advancements that will be made in bypass surgery.
  6. by   andi2634
    I just graduated last week- yeah!!! and I'm going to be working in a cardiac surgincal ICU. Peds was my first choice but I think this will be a better place for me to start. I did a round of clinicals on this unit and the manager and staff seemed great. I also think the cardiac patients are really interesting and challenging-even though I'm scared to death- but also really excited. Congrats to everyone else who graduates this year and good luck on boards!
  7. by   USA987
    I'm going to a small ICU after graduation.

    Why??? Their orientation program is extensive. I've always loved A&P, which I think will provide me with a greater understanding of what can go wrong. Also, during my interview, I spent some time on the unit and after talking to several people, I think it's a place where I will "fit".

    Congrats everyone!!!:roll
  8. by   vashka25
    I'm off to a cardio-thoracic ICU.....the adrenaline junkie aspect of nursing really has me hooked!
    Although I've done placements in ICU before, nothing had me prepared for the acuity of the patients I saw when interviewing for this position. A majority of the cases are heart transplant/open heart sx.
    As scared to death as I am....I am chomping at the bit to jump right in and get my feet wet on this challenging and fast paced unit!
    Good luck to all the new grads!
  9. by   vaughanmk
    I got stuck between a rock and a hard place. My husband is planning on starting school in the fall. (We're trading places.) He was looking at schools in 2 different states so I was looking in both places. He finally decided on a school and the town he chose to go to school didn't have the area I was looking for, pediatrics. So I interviewed for 6 positions within the only "big" hospital in this rural setting. I basically took the first one that was offered to me. It is in a step down unit/ CCU. It is still a speciality area and since I am a new grad I don't really know what my true love in nursing is yet. So I kept my options open for just about anything. (I really don't like ortho, so that wasn't even in my mind.) I am excited about the position. I get to be a nurse. I don't care where I go, it's my dream comming true. That's all I care about.
  10. by   purplemania
    Congratulations to all of you!
  11. by   SunnyChickRN
    Hi All! I just graduated in May and have taken a position on a Neurosciences unit. I had interviewed on other units but nothing intrigued me as much as Neuro. Being a new grad I'm not sure just where my niche in nursing is yet so I was basically just looking for a unit that felt "right". I shadowed on the unit twice and had good experiences each time. The nurses had nothing but good things to say about the management on the floor which is,of coursce, extremely important. I also hear that the nurse manager is very supportive with her new grad RN's which is another plus. I start work in a month and although it is going to be challanging I know it will be interesting as well and I can't wait!! Congratulations to all the other recent grads and good luck with boards!
  12. by   funnygirl_rn
    Congrats & best of luck to all of you!
  13. by   autumn-moon
    Hello and congratulations fellow new grads! This is my first post after "lurking" at this site for months...too busy studying to type!!
    Anyway, in answer to the question...I'm starting working as a grad. nurse in the state acute psych. hospital on Friday, June 13th. Only 3 new grads applied there. Seems to be a love it or hate it thing. I really enjoyed my clinical rotation there, I had worked for 10 years with dual diagnosis and developmentally disabled clients previously and loved it, there is a very long "nurse residency" program to ease us into it, it is a very good learning environment with all our CEUs available on campus, there are good benefits, great shift differentials, up to $3000 per year available for continuing education, and it's rated the best state psychiatric hospital in the country. Now I'm just sweating the NCLEX exam.......

  14. by   atenpen
    Me...went into Oncology. I consider myself and very giving and caring person and these patients need extra TLC and I felt that's where I could contribute the most. I also had a friend to die of Hodgkin's Dx and I saw what she went through and the difference the nurses made. And....that floor is a whole different type floor. I mean Dr's are not screaming at you, the patients are more appreciative of what you do for them more than any dept. that I've ever seen. Great place to make a difference in someone's life.