Orientation attire?

  1. well, monday is the general orientation for my first job as an rn (woo-hoo!) i have read all the paperwork and asked hr and cannot figure out what i am supposed to wear. the exact response from hr, "you can dress comfortable. you will sit all day."

    what would you interpret this to mean. i am thinking not scrubs, but no too dressy business attire either. i cannot imagine that jeans would be ok, so i was thinking comfortable khakis and a casual button-up top. whatcha think?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I think you're on the right track.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    I just finished a new employee orientation for 3 days - we wore comfortable clothing. I had capris and a t-shirt and Keds.

  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    That'll work for the first day. Take your cues from what everybody else is wearing for the second day. The general hospital classroom stuff is often very different from the classroom stuff you'll get from your patient care area orientation. By the third day most of us were in jeans and t-shirts.
  6. by   caliotter3
    What you've described sounds fine to me. Just make certain you're comfortable but not too comfortable. Jeans are too casual I think. You are at a new job, and unless jeans were specified, I wouldn't wear them. JMO.
  7. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from fleur-de-lis
    I cannot imagine that jeans would be ok, so I was thinking comfortable khakis and a casual button-up top. Whatcha think?
    i think this is perfect.
    personally, i wouldn't wear jeans or anything overly casual.
    you still want to exude a degree of professionalism.
    best of luck!

  8. by   Devil_Duckie
    I just did two days of general 'hospital' orientation earlier this week...and have computer training for the next two weeks, not to mention nursing orientation! Blaaah! Totally looking forward to being in the classroom for a few weeks....not!

    Anyhow, back to the thread...I agree with some above posters---jeans really don't make a great first impression, khakis or black slacks would be more 'professional attire.' After the first day, take cues on what others are wearing or ask what's appropriate attire for the rest of orientation. I'm definitely going to be wearing scrubs during the rest of orientation...a heckuva lot more comfy!
  9. by   CritterLover
    i guess it depends on your area of the country.

    i too just finished orientation, and i would suggest either scrubs or business casual.

    scrubs may seem too casual to some, but it is generally accepted (at least around here) that nurses can wear scrubs to most facility events (like acls class, inservices, whatever).

    we were specifically told (at the first day of orientation, so a little late for some) no jeans, no short pants, no open toes.

    i wore scrubs the first day (i had to work the night before) but either long pants or a skirt the rest of the time. most of the nurses wore scrubs each day. the last time i went through facility orientation, i wore scrubs each day because i had home-health patients to see afterwards.

    i do agree with the others, though. take your cue from what others are wearing the first day. if they didn't give you anything more specific than "wear something comfortable," they can't very well fault you for whatever you show up in.

  10. by   Spidey's mom
    I live in California . . . .there were people in shorts (it was 100 degrees outside), jeans, capris, skirts, scrubs.

    Don't look Leslie . . . .(flip flops).

  11. by   Chloe'sinNYNow
    I'm still in orientation. My hospital had one day of General Hosp Orientation then 3 days of clinical and next week will be 3 days of Nursing Orientation. The only stipulation was that we could not wear jeans or shorts during General Hosp orientation. All other days we can wear scrubs. But there are still the young'uns that seem to think the rules don't apply to them and they showed up in jeans. I was disgusted as I wore very nice business casual as they suggested.

    If it's the south where you are, then like here, capris should be fine. Otherwise, I'd go w/ what you suggest but full length khakis instead of capris.

    Just my

  12. by   emersushea
    I start system-wide orientation on the 15th and was told to dress "business casual" and to not wear scrubs. I'm sure it varies from facility to facility.
  13. by   cherokeesummer
    Ours was business casual attire on day one and business casual or scrubs the remainder of the time.