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I would really appreciate any/all input from nurses who have taken the Hesi exit exam and passed! In Texas we cannot apply for state boards until we have passed this test.....:confused: and in... Read More

  1. by   motivated2nurse
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    Quote from MaresRN2B
    I would really appreciate any/all input from nurses who have taken the Hesi exit exam and passed!

    In Texas we cannot apply for state boards until we have passed this test..... and in dire straits..thanks MaresRN2B

    This is not true. It depends on your school, NOT the state of texas.
  3. by   agustinob
    SO how did you do? Did you pass? I took HESi last week and scored a 847 and now I am all scared. If you passed, could you tell me the material that it helped you the most. Take care and God bless!!

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    It is so encourageing to hear how God has blessed each and every one of you all who has passed the Hesi... I have to take it on Dec. 20... and I have been studing so hard with the saunders and the ATI Book.... I am going to go in here on the 20th of this month and take the test and in JESUS name I will be sucessful ... I am a true believer and I have really been studing I will approach the test in a calm and confident manner and I will continue to be positive... May the good Lord bless each and every one of you all ..... Jean Buck
  4. by   LETRN
    I took it yesterday and passed with a 1015. It was difficult and I was sure that I bombed it because I was uncertain on so many of the questions. Don't stone me, but I did nothing to study...we aren't required to pass it to graduate, if we failed the first time then we just had to remediate. I think the lack of pressure was helpful
  5. by   amiller5
    I have to take the exit exam for the third time! I would appreciate any insight!
  6. by   nccatim
    I failed the first time I took the hesi and I agree, the pressure you have with taking it does not help at all. I realize that I read the quesitons wrong sometimes and the distractors get me. I have the nclex elsevier book and the kaplan book. i have been reading the kaplan book and taking the tests on the green book. I have heard not to study the night before, just relax. also, when you get in the room and you're given a scratch piece of paper to write your labs down so when you're stressing out, you won't have to worry about getting the labs wrong. good luck on your next hesi AMiller5 and let us know how you do!I hope this helps a little? i'm hoping to pass the hesi next time around. i need it to graduate

    ps. any other advice would be appreciated!
  7. by   mwhitt1121
    At my school you have to get a 850 to pass and if you don't pass you pretty much don't get to take your boards. I have always done good in school and get good grades but I'm not the best test taker. I've taken this HESI 5 times and am going on my 6th, I'm so frustrated and I think this is hurting me too.. I've scored a 815, 818, 783, 754, and 649.. I cry like everyday because I tihnk I will never be a nurse.. & I have a job that I'm afraid i'm going to loose because of this. If anyone has an advice for me I would really appreciate it. I've also done 2 nclex books & one review course plus remediation from the evolve site .. I have no clue what else to do?
  8. by   amiller5
    Just a note to let everyone know that I did pass the third time! It was not easy at all. I am still not sure where they come up with some of these questions. Good luck to everyone still needing to take this exam.
  9. by   keegan1
    Hey im so sorry about your situation I am on my forth attempt V-4. Do you have any tips for me with that exam? I Have a job lined up and may loose it if i do not pass
    Thanks so much
    gdluck to you too
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    Keegan, do you have any tips for V-4
  11. by   keegan1
    Please help . I need some help with Version 5 for the Hesi RN EXIT!!!
  12. by   Mommycakers
    I started the online Hurst Review before I graduated so that I am sure helped me do so well on my exit HESI.

    I also got the HESI NCLEX-RN review book noted below but I didn't read the book I just used the CD for questions to prepare for the HESI.

    Evolve Reach Testing and Remediation Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination (Evolve Reach Testing & Remediation Comprehensive Review) by Elizabeth A. Saccoman (Paperback - Dec. 6, 2007)
  13. by   alphil
    anybody have tips on v-3 or v- 4 exit hesi , i already failed this god forsaken test twiceeee ))) , plese if somebody could help me i just want to graduate !