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  1. agustinob

    RN to Nurse practitioner, how long does it need?

    I have an associate degree in nursing with 1 yr of experience as an RN. I would like to know about any college that would offer classes online so that I can get my NP certification. Does anybody know how long would it take, and how much money are those colleges charging? Thanks for your help on this issue. agustinob@yahoo.com
  2. agustinob

    Hesi Exam

    I passed HESI, and still believe that is just a useless filter to get good students out of the program. Yes, I believe that some inept students stay out, but I also witnessed how students smatter than I , did not pass it on the second try. How can a student be judged by her performance on one exam created by a company that does not even know what you were instructed on? Why the whole program goes to the trash if you do not pass it on the third try? Should not instructors be found accountable if 50% of the class did not pass also? How can we be good advocators for the patients, if the very institutions that train us are not setting the example to advocated for the students they educate??
  3. agustinob

    Anyone know how many HESI Exit exam versions there are??

    I took HESI version 2 and scored 847. I am really scared becuase I have to re-take it. I have heard that we are allowed to take it only 3 times and if we don't, all the years of school will go to the trash??? Does any one know the alternatives to re-take HESI after failinf thrice? I know I am over reacting, but just wanted to know worst case scenario. Can also anybody tell me any CD or book that would help me to pass HESI/? something like test taking strategies....Thanks a lot guys....I will really appreciate any coment. God Bless!!
  4. agustinob

    Hesi Exit Exam-RN exit exam

    SO how did you do? Did you pass? I took HESi last week and scored a 847 and now I am all scared. If you passed, could you tell me the material that it helped you the most. Take care and God bless!!

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