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I would really appreciate any/all input from nurses who have taken the Hesi exit exam and passed! In Texas we cannot apply for state boards until we have passed this test.....:confused: and in... Read More

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    Congratulations. Now, can you suggest to other mates what you mean by "learning how they ask the questions?" Give examples, that may help other mates.
    Thanks!! I can't really explain it without putting the question and answer choices up, which is a big no no (copyright) all I can suggest is to find someone with the book or buy one. Fortunately my class mate could not use her cd. Sorry wish I could be of more help.
  2. by   MB37
    They're NCLEX-style questions. The ones on the HESI are the same type of questions that are found in your Saunders, Mosby, Davis, etc. NCLEX study guides. For most of us, they're the same type of questions that are on all of our exams. I would recommend using the HESI study guide, if only so you can learn their lab values and the meds they include. The "HESI Hint" boxes are nice to for a quick review. The book doesn't have any questions though (not multiple choice at least, it does have review questions), and the CD doesn't have many, so it shouldn't be your only study aid. I got a >1200 on my first try (needed 850).
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    Is the NCLEX anything like HESI
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    great job
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    you go girl
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    Is it true that in Texas you're required to take the HESI? I'm not sure if my school uses it or not but I had a friend tell me that even if they don't I should take the exit exam anyway because some hospitals want to see it when you apply for jobs. anyone know about this???

  7. by   PvNurse2009
    I'm not sure if all schools in Texas require the HESI, but my school does. We have to pass with a 950 to graduate. I don't think all the hospitals are requiring to see the HESI scores, but I know that alot of the Graduate Residency programs are asking for at least an 850-925 on the test.
  8. by   ⚕annanonymous⚕
    We had to take HESI and get >900 in order to be eligible to sit for the NCLEX. If you didn't manage a >900, you could pass with an >850 but you had to take the test three times and do 30 hours of MedsPub OR take an approved NCLEX Review course. I don't feel that HESI helped me prepare for NCLEX in the slightest. Taking the LPN boards helped with knowing what to expect on NCLEX.
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    Quote from rdcd1996

    Is the NCLEX anything like HESI
    I' am getting ready to take my boards, I had a slight delay since it took me 3 time to pass the hesi, but a lot of my friends have just recently taken the state boards and they said it was nothing like the hesi. They said the hesi is 10 times harder and not really the same question format. They walked in to the boards fearing the worst scared to death like Purdue made it out to be and most of them walked out of there with only 75 questions. They were all freaked out because they thought it was too easy to be true and they failed, but they didn't they all passed and they all said the same thing "It's nothing like the hesi, it is much easier."
  10. by   motivated2nurse
    I took and passed the Hesi the first time(920). I used Saunders and Hogan's Comprehensive Review and Rationales (Big Red Book), I found that the questions on the Hogan's disk were very simular to the Hesi exam! Good luck to you
  11. by   calijaz
    we take a hesi at the end of each clinical course in the program. each time counts as part of our grade, and we have to take another course and do a lot of remediation if we do not get >900. i spent my summer taking this remediation class and doing 162 pages of handwritten remediation crap. i just really hope that all that work will pay off. i haven't passed any of them yet and if i don't pass the final one with a 900 i don't graduate. i'm usually an A/B+ student and i've studied each time very thoroughly so i'm really worried about this.
  12. by   nurse2009
    I dont believe that Hesi is a good indicator on how you will do on the NCLEX-RN...I have done the whole hesi thing while I was in school and did the ATI to get ready for the NCLEX.
    My school is tossing the hesi and going with ATI. ATI is closer to NCLEX than HESI. The only thing HESI did for me is lower my self esteme. I only passed 1 out of 5 that was given at diffrent levels. and I did not pass the final hesi but my school does not keep us from graduating.
    And guess what I Passed my NCLEX the first time so did the rest of my class and less than 10 of 30 passed the hesi exit exam. what a piece of waiste of time.
    Well good luck to you all I HOPE that schools will stop holding perfectly good nurses from graduating because they fail an exit exam. Test cant tell you if you will be a good nurse or not.
    Tricia A. RN
  13. by   MsShun
    after 3 tries and having to repeat med/surg.. i passed hesi with a 998 i am so happy to be done with the dreaded hesi.. now on to nclex -------->