Finals are coming!


Anyone else freak out this time of the semester? We have an exam this Thursday and the final the next Thursday - worth 40% of the grade :eek:. That said, at least I am done with the reading for the semester, and done with lectures . . . half day of clinical left, but I'm just going to be studying my @ss off for the next week and a half!



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just took my final after the longest quarter ever!!!! now i have to wait about a week in agony for grades to post! time for prayer circle :)


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I took my fundamentals final on Thursday and I take the HESI in a couple of hours and then my first semester is officially over!!!!!! Let me tell you, our fundies final was a nightmare! The highest grade in our class was an 82% and all the rest of us were in the seventies! If I could have scored in the high eighties I could have pulled an A but not now... I am just so glad it is over and I can rest easy for the next 6 weeks.


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Taking my last Fundamentals test tomorrow, and our final is next Tuesday. I will be studying my butt off with the rest of you! The final is worth about 30% of our final grade, which is slightly better than 40% but still insane!

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I take my finals on wednesday !!! Its only worth 20 % of our grade though. I'm truly blessed that I don't have to make up any points to pass this class. Some of my fellow classmates need an 85 on the final just to pass the class. My prayers go out to them. I've also been trying to help them study as well. Anyway, this has been a long semester but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't wait to start L/D and med surg next semester. I have one more semester to go, than I'm an LPN whoo hoo. ( of course I'm going back for my RN soon after, but at least I'll have that title for now :)


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I have the psych ERI on Wednesday and then 40% of my psych nursing grade is going to be determined on Thursday - 25% on the final and 15% on a psychopharmacology exam. After that, I have a research methods final on the 18th and a health care policy final on the 19th. Once finals are over and I pass everything, I can start worrying about my senior practicum and officially start counting down the days to graduation on May 20th!


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Last semester, last final.....tomorrow. I need 1 point to graduate and 81 (out of 100) points to keep my A.



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finals start 2morrow..and sometimes finals worth 30-40% are actually a good thing in my opinion...


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just study like hell that's all

like you never study before.

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