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Finally, it's over...


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Had to post my "Yay I'm done!" thread. Took my final on Monday, found out yesterday that I ended up with a B+ in the course.

I love pluses (plusses? For some reason this is one of those words that when you write it out it doesn't look right...).

OB/Peds done, on to Med-Surg/Psych.

Two more semesters to go!!


Congrats! Time for some R&R now.:balloons:

OHHHH, doesn't that feel good! I'm enjoying this break so much I forgot that I do have other commitments this week... I almost forgot my standing Wednesday appointment that is totally not school related! ;)

Hope you have time to really relax and enjoy the season now!

Good for you! I just finished Nu3, myself and I am lovin' my break! Get to spend some quality time w/ my kids for a month! Yay!!! Enjoy!:D


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marie, congratulations! enjoy your break.

perfectbluebuildings, BSN, RN

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Way to go Maire! I finished this morning with classes and have gotten almost all the tag-end things done before leaving for home tonight. I can't wait, the WHOLE FAMILY will be there, I haven't seen my older brother since the start of June or my next-oldest sister since August! It will be awesome! Merry Christmas everyone and congratulations on getting through the semester!!!

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