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Just wanted to let everyone know that I finally got my acceptance packet today

in the mail!!!!:yeah::beer::cheers::clpty::smiley_aa :hpygrp:

Seems like it took FOREVER to find out!!!

I know I'm more of a lurker/reader than poster but I want everyone to know that

you have really helped me in pre-req's and in what to expect once in the program.

I know all programs are different, but you can really get a basic idea from all the

different stories.

Congrats to EVERYONE that starts this fall. I can't wait. And for those that are

still waiting, don't give up no matter what.

Hugs to all



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CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!! :D:yeah::yeah::D Hopefully I'll be in your shoes next Fall. Thanks for the encouragement!!


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Congrats! where are you going?

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:hpygrp:Congrats!!!!!!!!!!I'm so jealous lol!! I am finishing up my pre-req's so hopefully I will be there next fall.:yeah:

Good Luck!!!!

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck to you this fall!


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wow thats great i hope i get that call to take my pre-req soon im so happy for u i hope i get accepted into my program for next fall !!!! and again congrats i hope to hear ur updates:yeah::balloons::dncgbby::ancong!::ancong!: lol


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That is always beautiful news to hear. May your journey be sucessful!!!

Im just getting started on pre req. this fall.


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Thanks everyone!!

I know the pre-req's seem never ending, but there is an end. And you really feel

like you've accomplished something [at least I did]. We celebrated just me finishing

all the pre-req's. Now there's something new to celebrate. Every milestone. You'll

get there :)

I'm going to South University, Columbia,SC campus.

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Congrats! You are in for a wild ride!!!:bugeyes:


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:smiley_aa:smiley_aa:smiley_aaCONGRATS!! I will be applying again for the 4th time and am hoping to get in for spring 2010:D:D Best of luck:D:D

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