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Definingmyfuture specializes in Critical Care.

I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids, and wife to a wonderful husband.

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  1. Definingmyfuture

    Kind of new to ICU

    I am going to be a new grad in ICU starting in July and I feel the EXACT same way:eek:. I chose this area because I know I could learn so much from it but at the same time I am very nervous. I have found a couple of books on Amazon that I am going t...
  2. Definingmyfuture

    Helpful and Interesting Reads

    I really like the "unded and unwed" series by Mary Janice Davidson, they were a lot of fun!!:) "Betsy Taylor turns 30, gets laid off, is killed by an SUV and wakes up dead all in the same week. The vampire community is convinced she's their prophe...
  3. Definingmyfuture

    I really CANNOT believe it

    Congratulations!! :hpygrp:
  4. Definingmyfuture

    pay range for CNAs at UNC

    I have a friend that works there as a CNA and she makes around 11.00/hr PRN with no benefits. Not sure about someone full-time though.
  5. Definingmyfuture

    experience in NC?

    i don't have personal experience but you may want to check out hospitals that have the magnet recognition. these hospitals are supposed to have the highest nurse satisfaction, and represent the top 2% of elite nurses in the us. here is the search pag...
  6. Definingmyfuture

    Is there a NA I to NA II Bridge Program in North Carolina?

    no, you don't have to be admitted into a nursing program to get your CNA II, you just have to have your CNA I of course. Central Carolina Community College has a CNA II program through their continuing education department that is a "hybrid". That me...
  7. Definingmyfuture

    CNA continuing education units?

    Hi everyone, I have my first CNA interview in the morning:) at an assisted living facility and the hiring manager stated that if I wanted the weekend shift that I would have to go to a meeting/class on Tuesdays for my CEU's. Correct me if I am wro...
  8. Definingmyfuture

    Anyone else waiting..TEAS/NET/HOBET results??

    FINALLY!! got my results today. I think I did pretty well:), and I made above the cutoff!! Now I just have to wait and see if I get accepted...oh well...another 2 weeks of worry:lol2:
  9. I am and it's driving me crazy!! I ran out of time on the last few questions on the reading part and I am so scared that I won't make the cutoff. Anyone else in the same boat, worrying until they get their results?
  10. I know it is sooo aggravating deciding on schools. I have several within about and hour or so drive but with all wanting different things, I just chose to stick with 2. One is closer and more "country" which I like and I am actually attending now. Th...
  11. Definingmyfuture

    A&P 2 Spring 2010

    I ended up with a B but I am happy with that. I took chem, soc, and mat with A & P I and I also did a semester long CNA class. All inall I was going to class 4 nights a week, 5 days a week and I have 3 children:bugeyes:. I did manage to finish ou...
  12. Definingmyfuture

    CNA & A&P

    I keep wondering the same thing lol! I have to cram everything in this semester in order to have any chance getting in next fall, so I am taking the CNA course which is probably the longest in the country lol ( almost a full semester 4 days a week:bl...
  13. Definingmyfuture

    Fall Schedule!

    Mon - CNA class 8am-12:30pm Intro Algebra 1-2 A & P I lecture 6-9pm Tues - CNA class 8am-12:30pm Intro Algebra 1-2 Intro to Chemistry lecture 6-9pm Wed - CNA class 8am-12:30pm Intro Algebra 1-2 A & P I lab 6-9pm Thur - CN...
  14. Definingmyfuture

    CNA 2 with Phlebotomy tech or Pharmacy tech?

    I'm just guessing but I would think that the phlebotomy would help more. Then again I could be totally wrong lol. I wanted to take the phlebotomy myself after I finish my CNA course in hopes of getting on at a hospital. I also would like to take a co...
  15. Definingmyfuture

    I made it!