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polka-dot is a RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. A&P Help... From My Brain to Yours!

    Sorry if I didn't get back to any of you...I don't check in here that often. Please PM me and I'll share the rest of my notes with you ?
  2. A&P Help... From My Brain to Yours!

    So sorry for the huge delay in getting back to you all...I will try to reply to each of you by this weekend!
  3. A&P Help... From My Brain to Yours!

    Sorry! I don't check in here often enough! Did you find what you needed?
  4. A&P Help... From My Brain to Yours!

    Sorry! I forgot to empty it! It's ready now :-)
  5. A&P Help... From My Brain to Yours!

    I emailed you! Sorry for the delay :-)
  6. A&P Help... From My Brain to Yours!

    I have a bunch of other study guides as well…the files are big though. PM me and I'll get them to you :-)
  7. A&P Help... From My Brain to Yours!

    So sorry...I don't check in here much. However, I am trying now to email those of you who've asked for me to send you notes lately. Hope it helps!
  8. My scrub pants are killing me!

    The cherokee cheapo brand our hospital buys for us did the same thing to me! Have you tried Koi brand? They're 100% cotton (or close to it) and super comfy. Body Glide is a good idea, too!
  9. Hematology

    I found some notes I can send you...they might help a little. PM me and I'll get them to you asap. Hang in there!
  10. Best way to study for Pharmacology?

    I did something kind of silly, but it really worked for me...I made up little stories about the psych drugs so that I could keep all of the side effects straight. For instance, here's what I wrote for Tricyclic Antiosychotics: Traditional Antipsychot...
  11. Need help with Med/Surg?

    Our first Med/Surg class relied heavily on case studies....some of the notes I have are based off these case studies and may reference a fictitious patient (lab values and PMH). In some cases, I have the case study/patient history included with the n...
  12. Need help with Med/Surg?

    Ok, here are a few to get started...these are for Med/Surg I. Looks like the IV Therapy notes are from a meeting with one of my professors during office hours...so it's random little tidbits of info...everything else is from a lecture. Somehow the fi...
  13. Need help with Med/Surg?

    It looks like I just need to pay for a premium membership...so I'll do that now and see if I can get something up. I know some of the files are too big...but can possibly email those. PM me your email address if you want the bigger files. Hang tight!
  14. Need help with Med/Surg?

    I think if I buy a premium membership I will be able to post my notes. Waiting to hear back from the help desk. Sorry for the delay!
  15. Need help with Med/Surg?

    A few years ago I posted my A&P notes and they seemed to help a lot of people who were struggling with that beast of a class. I also have my Med/Surg I and II notes typed up and will try to post the smaller files here. Please forgive typos...some...