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Hello guys, i looked up my name today on caBON, and i've passed! whoa! i did pass....i can't believe it after 1 year of studying.. *sigh*, 3rd time is a lucky charm.. . I've tried the web trick and it did work.

How i did it?

O.k let me share with you my so called experience. First time i took the exam, i review the saunders book and a lot of other books. Then after 3 months i went to take it. I Failed, probably bec. of too much books it didn't really get to my head. Second, i follow saunders plan, i did really good job on answering questions and answers on i have a good foundation on knowledge but lack of taking strategies and nature of the NCLEX EXAM!, i went to take it and still failed. 3rd time. I stick to saunders book, and compare to kaplan book. I enrolled on Kaplan qbank only. I finish all the test, and all the wrong answers and answered them again and then jumble them all and answer again. What i have observed it's bec. of the nature of questioning on kaplan qbank or trainer they are the same with nclex exam, since they usually ask for MOst appropriate, best, most most most..etc. it gets to my head the way the nclex questioned your analysis/application level which when i was on the test i don't even used the strategies since the question is relatively the same. It's like answering while reviewing :-)! Practice! practice! practice Nclex type question, and after all your review of kaplan and saunders and you think you are good to go, try answering questions you haven't answered, like nclex 4000 (i downloaded on and see if you are really doing good, i'm getting at least 60% which is good for me bec. this is only on basic and knowledge level...i guess .more the rationale of all the questions thats the MOST important parts. If you are confuse visit this site and ask. Thats it.

Thank God now i'm an R.N! yooohooo..


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:ancong!: I can't wait to be there one day!!!


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hey congrats!


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congrats, I hope I can join in the celebration in a day or two

what were your scores on q bank? and question trainers?


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Congratulations!! I am going to try for my 4th time in August. I hope I can pass next time!!


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what were your scores on q bank? and question trainers?

on q bank 56% overall, that's the first try i finish all the qbank, and after i answered again all the wrong answers. and jumble them by that time im getting 86% per 50 questions. On Kaplan trainer, i'm getting 58, 62%.. they are lower than 65% that's my first try, On second try after i've answer qbank, it improves a bit, i'm getting 78% 75%. sofort.. I think if you understand the nature of the test and what is asking, you will pass. Build your foundation first, try saunders then go to kaplan. Make notes, post them on your wall, my room is full of papers hanging on the wall i should have pictured it before i've removed it today so you can see. (lol).


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i'm putting my notes on, my friend told me to share my notes so why not right, i'm done with everything.. so i guess i should share it to everyone, and i encourage everyone to put there too for future nurses.

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Congratulations and good luck in your new career


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I passed too!!! Qbanks I got an average of 60-65 and the final assessment test with Kaplan I got 66 - which said I am 96% going to pass NCLEX. Mind you - that was 5 months ago. I did pass though.

I did saunders review as well.

Lisa ...RN

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