Finally got result for nclex lpn!!!!!!!!!!!!


:tku: " you have passed the examination for licensure as a vocational nurse(nclex/pn)".

this is what my letter said finally i can relax. wow! it really feels good. i wanted to give you student nurses some tips on overcoming this nerve racking test. i only got 85 questions and less than 2 hours i was out of there. i used kaplan qbank questions and saunders lpn review book the orange book and i used hurst lpn book. kaplan for sure guys get it, it is the most similar review ever for the nclex. well it ask you the questions kind of like nclex in the way it is formated with a clock and mulitple questions. they are hard questions but its okay try to think your way through. saunders is good for comprehensive review only use it to study your weak areas and do the test behind the chapters. hurst helps you with test strategies and listen to the audio tape really good advice from the lady. memorize your lab values and what abnormal values mean. remember do not stress out if you do like me pray and start exercising it really helps to get rid of all that anxiety. than relax and think positive thoughts. when you get there you will get a white board to write anything that you should forget. get help from family to help with kids because i work and have kids and had to study for this test so during this time it was crazy!!!!:bugeyes:. but dont worry you guys have it in you, study hard and think positive!! i wanted to say thank you to all nurses for this website and all the students who respond to this site you guys rock!!! there is great advice here at this site and i love being a member!! finally that stepping stone is done, now off to lvn to rn bridge....


373 Posts are so lucky..I wish i have money to follow ur advice to go for kaplan. :crying2: i'm so lost.


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hi firefly86

not sure how to reply your pm, it says that im not allow to send pm. anyway, lots of stuff going on. I'm a stay home mom and my other half is working still not enough. i try not to feel so down you know. my other half is starting to lose faith in God. losing some family members, financial.

I took my nclex-rn but i didnt pass i think its because i had too much of non reliable study source. i really want to try kaplan but its impossible. I want to try for nclex-pn at least for now. I dont even know where to get money for my exam. for much going on. one thing for sure i want to pass so bad and get a job that will pay your my angel's daycare and earn a little something for her future.

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oh ok.. thanks silverdragon102. by the way i like your id name. :) so unique


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Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. I will be taking my NCLEX on April 18th and I am soooo nervous. I have Kaplans Qbank but it freaks me out because it is so hard and I am only getting 50 - 60% on the quizzes. I am focusing on Saunders orange book and I am doing well on that. ...Do you think I need to reschedule if I am getting low scores on Kaplans???


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you did kaplan and hurst? i actually took the kaplan online class and qbank... i failed.. maybe it's because of my poor study habit. i want to try hurst now... do you think it's a good idea? or should i just stick to kaplan again? tnx..

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