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I wish I could help you. It looks like your grade scale is a lot different then ours. A 79% here is a C+, a B- is 80%, and an A- is 90%. I hope you get everything figured out alright. It stinks to feel like you have been robbed on a final grade. i have been there, but just kept my mouth shut when I should have said something. It was my first semester in cllege (2 and a half years ago). Good luck!!!


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Wow! An A- is 80%? So, would a 60% = a B-? I don't think I understand the grading scale. But it does look like your scores = 82/100.

Our grading scale is much, much different. A standard 10 pt scale (90-100 = A- through A+). I've never seen an 80 = an A.


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yes, i'm in canada and our scaling seems to be different. and sadly, i'm tired of being told that I am "getting off easy" with my grades. I hate comparing grades! lol

A,A+ = 86-100

A- = 80-85

B+ =77-79

B =73-76

B- = 70-72

C+ =67-69

C =63-66

C- =60-62

Sigh. I hope it gets figured out!

There's nothing wrong with our scaling system. :chuckle

I only don't understand when an F is somewhere around 39 :uhoh3:

I'm still waiting for the results of my PSY exam. It was supposed to be up on WEB CT today but he's late. Again.


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what school are you at?

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what school are you at?

University of Ottawa. :) You?


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Were these weighted differently? Sometimes instructors will assign a certain percentage to finals. (?)


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I'm at George Brown College in Toronto. Will be going on to Ryerson for my degree (unless a bridging program is in place when I graduate!)

Everything was supposed to be worth 25%. Thats what he told us at the start of the course. We didnt have a final. We had 3 tests throughout the semester and 1 assignment.

I got into Ryerson too but opted to stay here. Whats Ryerson like? Is it big? Where is it located? (street and area) I applied but thats it. As soon as I got into Ottawa I barely glanced at the others.


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i feel for you because i have a b+ showing up on my transcript when i have a 100% in the class. I was like WHAT THE HECK!?!! and my teacher is nice but flaky and promises to fix it but its been 3 weeks now with no change and everytime i mention it he says "oh i'll get right on it." I am personally grateful that he was able to find all of our tests to correct his error ( forgot to record one of my tests!) we aren't allowed to keep our assignments or tests so i would have had no proof to back up my claim. It's so frustrating and i really hope it doesn't mean i'll miss out on getting a v-presidents list letter. (my parents love those things!). You should get the grade that you earned, so I definitely would talk to the teacher (politely and calmly) and if that doesn't work go up the chain.


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I got the same result as you. 82%

Did you inform your Professor. That's the first step. You may not even need to file an appeal.

Send him the exact information you posted here.

Good luck.

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