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Has anyone tried these? Just ordered a set with the jogger pants and I hate everything about them. The shirt is sewn so it looks like it has shoulder pads. The bottom of the top is stitched very narrow. I bought xl because they looked like they probably ran small and they barely fit even though all my other scrubs are L and fit great. The pants I could barely get on. Lol To top it off they were $$$.

I emailed them and told them they need to test the, on something other than the models in their ads.

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I have like 4 pairs. Almost everyone on my unit, RN, UC, CNA, (persons of all shapes and sizes) etc have at least one pair. Most units in my hospital have at least a few staff members with them. Haven't had any problems with them nor with my colleagues. Love the joggers though. Guess it's personal preference then.

Good thing there are free returns.

They feel really hot and make me so sweaty, they feel like plastic!! I do not like them at all

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I was looking into buying a pair as they just opened a pop-up shop here in NYC. Everyone I know that owns them loves them. They're just expensive, they cost more than my Jaanuu scrubs.

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There are certain styles of FIGS that I like and some styles that I do not. The two pairs that I found that actually fit (and it took a few tries to figure out sizing which is apparently different than Grey's Anatomy) are honestly the most comfortable scrubs I have ever worn. I am pretty sure I would be quite happy wearing them all the time ? My second favorite is Grey's Anatomy. All other types are definitely way in the back of my closet because either they are uncomfortable or too hot for a busy ER shift.

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