Scrub jacket to match Figs scrubs?

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I recently bought a couple sets of navy Figs scrubs after I got a bonus at work for referring a nurse friend who accepted a position (expensive but man are these things comfy!). I like to wear jackets with my scrubs but I find the 2 womens scrub jackets offered by Figs to be…unattractive, if I’m being honest. I went to a local scrub shop to see if I could find a jacket to match but the Figs navy seems to be a pretty unique blend. Has anyone else managed to find a close match? If I can’t find anything I might just get a men’s Figs jacket as they look a lot closer to the style I wear in WonderWink jackets, but of course they’re nearly $100 a pop so I’d prefer to avoid going that route if I can. 

I don't own any figs so I can't speak to that. But my scrub jacket is not the same brand as any of my scrubs, just the same color. I went with the jacket that would be the warmest and most comfortable and it just so happened that I didn't like the matching scrubs. 

Nobody notices and I really don't either. 

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Figs has jackets and they are all good but I also have northface black jacket. 

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