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Hey everyone, I'm really interested in trying these scrubs, but their sizing chart online is scaring me away from them! Their XS size is listed as fit to a 40 inch chest. Seriously?! I'm a pretty skinny guy at 5'11, 140lb, and my chest measurement is 35-37 inches depending on if I'm holding my breath or not. Does anyone here have a similar build that could point me in the right direction? I know that they have free shipping and returns so there's really not much danger in ordering some now just to try out, but I hate that whole process and tying up $200-$400 in limbo.


Depends on which size chart on their website you are looking at.

1. If you go to a specific top, look under size chart, it will show (as you said above) that an XS is 40" chest. Which I agree is ridiculous.

2. But if you go to the size chart for the whole website (men and women both) and scroll down to men, it says XS is 34-36" chest.

I believe the first size chart is incorrectly written. As a 6'1" model on their own website is wearing a medium.

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I tried some on not long ago, just order your usual size. I think exchanges are pretty easy if they don't fit.

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