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Figs scrubs for petite women


I’m 4’11 and 110 pounds. I bought a few pairs of FIGS and although I love the material and feel of them, they’re not the most flattering on my figure. I have the yola in petite XS, and I do often have to pull them up throughout my shift. I just bought a pair of joggers and yola pxxs, and truthfully they look like skinny jeans and IDK how I feel about scrubs that tight at work 🙈 (although I’ve definitely seen other girls wearing them that size). I have the greys anatomy with the active band and I do love those and they look better (a little baggy at times) but I find the material gets worn out quickly and they aren’t soft/feel thin, if that makes any sense. Petite girls, what’s your favorite scrub brands? 

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Heartsoul are my go tos


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I'm 5'1, 110 pounds.  I usually wear grey's anatomy, 5 pocket pants with mock wrap scrub top.  I have Figs jogger pants as well and I like them, but I definitely don't feel like I own em as well as the ladies with longer legs LOL