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  1. napswithcats

    Is being an LPN REALLY that bad?

    Do what is best for you. I have friends that wanted and/or needed to finish school, become nurse and obtain a better salary FAST so they went with the LVN route. The schooling was also way cheaper and easier to get into. In one year they are making $22 an hour as opposed to the $13 an hour they were getting before. I went the RN route, had to starve myself for way longer, acquired some debt but I had no kids or anything better to do. We now work a long side each other doing pretty much the same job but I am making $8 more per hour....but then again I have a 20k loan to pay off while they have none.
  2. napswithcats

    Tell me why an LVN/LPN is a "real nurse"

    When I was a CNA, I remember being picked on by LVN's for being "just a CNA", now I'm an RN and these same people are picking on me for not having my BSN. Next, I'm going to be picked on for not being an NP and then for not being a doctor. When I was a CNA, I worked my butt off and tried to be the best CNA I could be and I was proud of the letters on my name tag just as I am now. Everyone in the healthcare field worked HARD for their licenses and you need to be proud of what you were able to accomplish given your circumstances because healthcare is not easy. But please don't go into nursing to feel special or trying to prove anything because there is no room in healthcare for egos. You will be humbled VERY quickly by other nurses, by doctors and patients. It's always a competition between LVN's and RN's. They belittle each other and try to feel superior to one another when you should be focused on your patients.
  3. SNF’s are hard because of the amount of residents you get!! I recently started my first job, received “extra” orientation (A total of 6 days) and it was so overwhelming. I am floater and some sections have as many as 41 pt’s and I see nurses have to give meds scheduled at 5 pm and 9pm together in order to finish on time. I also see them charting assessments they didn’t do and ignoring changes of condition because they just don’t have the time. Sometimes they clock out and continue working. They have the best intentions but it’s just impossible to finish on time without taking shortcuts. Everyone is very over worked. But as you get to know your residents and the routine, you will get faster. But for now , don’t worry about your speed, worry about doing things right and eventually you will develop your own style, know where everything is. Who the picky ones are and have to get to first, who you can do last etc so your shifts will be a lot smoother.
  4. napswithcats

    Very First Nursing Job

    It's been maybe 1 month since I started my first job at a SNF and its been terrible to be quite honest. I'm very slow at passing my medications, a change of condition will ruin my day and I never go home on time. The paperwork, charting, and policies are still confusing and I have tons of audits. My 6 days of orientation wasn't very helpful. I cry every few days because its so overwhelming and I feel like I'm struggling to do the bare minimum and I wish I could do more for them. I always watched certain nurses and vowed to never be like them, now I am them. Some of my classmates have had very good experiences though. I guess it depends where you work and your ability to adapt. It's hard and it makes me miss nursing school when I THOUGHT that was stress. But every day you learn, every day you get better, just remember why you chose to be a nurse in the first place.
  5. napswithcats

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    It is a very ghetto skilled nursing facility, the local ghetto hospital pays $32 an hour. Other hospitals do start at around 45$ for new grads
  6. napswithcats

    Ways to improve?

    I would gladly take a pay cut if the resident to nurse ratio was better. There’s just too much work and I don’t feel like I can give the good quality care these people deserve. I only have enough time to do the bare minimum for my 36-41 residents.
  7. napswithcats

    CA SNF RN's: What are your responsibilities?

    As a new grad RN, they offered me $30 and the RN supervisor who has been working there for almost 2 decades makes $38/hr Don’t do it, don’t work at a SNF. The low pay isn’t the worst part.
  8. napswithcats

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    30$ and hour as a new grad ADN in a SNF. I live in San Diego and It’s a struggle because everything is so expensive here
  9. I ended up choosing to just work part time through it and volunteer at a hospital as I don't really love my job at the nursing home. I just don't feel like a nurse there just passing meds to 30 people. I'd rather focus on school.
  10. napswithcats

    Figs scrubs

    They feel really hot and make me so sweaty, they feel like plastic!! I do not like them at all
  11. napswithcats

    I want to leave my first nursing job

    I have officially been on my own now for a few days and it feels inhumane for both the staff and residents. I don't feel like a real nurse or like I am giving good quality care as I only get to spend like 3-5 minutes with each resident to give them their meds and v/s if needed, do only the most critical treatments and handing/delegating creams and ointments to the CNA's (which I am not supposed to do) in order to get everything done. I do not sit down until its time to chart, work through my lunch, and when my shift is over, I clock out and go back to chart for an additional hour (they don't want to give overtime). The turn over rate is absolutely insane. The orientation is only 3 days for most (I begged and got 5) because many nurses don't stay past the first week. I am scared for my license but I need a job.
  12. napswithcats

    Passed my nclex Pn now what?

    Now you get a job
  13. napswithcats

    I want to leave my first nursing job

    oh gosh, I wonder if we are working at the same place. I just started at a similar LTC that still uses paper charting. I only received 5 days of orientation in the 5 different stations and will be floating through all of them when I start next week. I am terrified. The dementia unit has 40 residents per nurse, many without arm bands and all of them running around fighting each other and falling (a lot of incident reports). Everyone passes their meds at the same time, skips treatments and signs that they did them. Daily assessments consist of making up vital signs and copying what the last assessment page says. I feel horrified but as a new grad with an ADN/ASN, my options are limited to these kinds of places for now.
  14. I just finished my RN program and will begin my first job at a nursing home (it's the only thing I can get without a BSN) while I attend UTA's accelerated online RN-BSN program. Since its online, it's flexible but each class is only 5 weeks long so I am wondering how heavy the courses are and if it's a bad idea to work full-time while in the program?
  15. I failed a physiology class which disqualified me from all the BSN programs in the area as they are super competitive. So I studied my butt off for the entrance exams at an ADN program, got a great score, explained my past failures and got in. I finished and I am about to start an RN-BSN program online. No it’s not the path I wanted but at the end of the day, I’m in a way better position than i was before. Also don’t knock down LVN’s, it gets you entry level experience, it’s easier to get into, affordable and in many cases, as short as year. LVN’s are still nurses and make way more than CNA’s, I would rather do that without much debt than go into a 6 figure RN program and be in debt for the rest of my life.
  16. napswithcats

    Is it wrong for me to quit my CNA job I just started?

    They are probably used to CNA’s quitting early on. At my old job, some people only showed up for orientation for 3 days and just never showed up again, at least you plan on letting them know. Don’t feel that, school comes first.

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