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  1. napswithcats

    Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    Without HESI, I probably wouldn't have passed the NCLEX as it encouraged me to study harder. I LOVED it, it offers remediation and it tells you what your weak points are and what you should focus on which is different for EVERY student. It encourages accountability because at the end of the day, in every nursing school there are going to be some amazing professors, terrible ones, and some who's teaching style does not suit you personally but it is each student's responsibility to do what they have to do to acquire the necessary knowledge to be a safe nurse and HESI is a great tool to identify those knowledge gaps.
  2. In San Diego, starting pay has been $25 and the highest I've seen is $32. LVN's make around $21-$24. We aren't worth much but definitely a little more than $22!!
  3. napswithcats

    Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    Yes!! My school was actually in danger of loosing accreditation because of NCLEX scores. What is mortifying is that these exit exams and the NCLEX test safety and the only basics of nursing! It’s scary that students are given the opportunity to fail them multiple times. I’ve known people that have taken the NCLEX 6 times. I wouldn’t want to put my loved ones life in the hands of someone who failed the most basic exam on safety multiple times.
  4. napswithcats

    Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    My school was doing very poorly on their NCLEX exam pass rates and they randomly introduced HESI’s at the end of each nursing course with a minimum passing score of 850 then increased it to 900 and my my did it help! Sure, many more students got held back and weren’t able to graduate on time or graduate at all but the NCLEX pass rates went from 56% to 92%. You should be able to pass the HESI and comply with all requirements because people’s lives are going to be on the line. I would want the nurse taking care of me to at least meet their school’s minimum requirements, pass all necessary exams and NOT fail the NCLEX their first time which she’s in danger of if couldn’t even pass the HESI. The better prepared you are as a new grad, the better and that is exactly what these exit exams are for. She’s honestly lucky she has yet another chance.
  5. napswithcats

    Nclex Wait time is killing me

    Congrats RN!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳
  6. napswithcats

    How do I pick myself up after failing NCLEX?

    I’ve seen people fail it multiple times and keep trying and succeed, for you to go into a deep depression for an entire year over failing once doesn’t make sense to me. If you were smart enough to pass nursing school which is pretty brutal, you are smart enough to pass the NCLEX. Study harder and try again, you can do this but it’s NOT going to happen if you avoid it completely and feel sorry for yourself. also know that the longer you wait to take the exam, the more knowledge you will loose and the more you will have to study so don’t wait any longer, get on it NOW, TODAY.
  7. napswithcats

    NCLEX-RN June 2019

    They have been pretty fast in Cali!!! I took mine Saturday and my license was up Tuesday at 12:30 a.m
  8. napswithcats

    CNA's that are nursing students practicing skills at work?

    I worked at nursing home and LVN’s WANTED me to help them with the stuff they didn’t want to do such as wounds, colostomy bag changes, and scabies treatments. I always refused because I’m not getting paid to do it, there will be plenty of time to practice skills during clinicals under an experienced instructor and when you actually pass your NCLEX and are actually getting paid to do it.
  9. napswithcats

    Discouraged CNA

    What you are going through is perfectly normal. The truth is that starting out, you WILL be slow, you will make more mistakes that will get on people’s bad side or frustrate them. People WILL be rude to you because you are either slowing them down or not leaving everything as the oncoming shift expects. Getting the hang of a new job is hard, but trust me you eventually WILL get the hang of it and will meet those expectations. It’s a process, it took me months to truly feel confident and not get on other co workers nerves lol, I use to come home crying! You will be fine, just stick with it and ask for tips and how you can improve.
  10. napswithcats

    CNA with no type of experience

    CNA’s are in HIGH demand, many places won’t even let you leave without filling an application and doing an interview right then and there. They are desperate for people because unfortunately, it is a hard job with a very high turnover rate. Trust me you will have no problem finding a job.
  11. napswithcats

    Should I become a CNA OR MA?

    In San Diego, it’s part of my local community college’s Continuing Education for adults.
  12. napswithcats

    UWorld Self Assesment, is UWorld enough?

    I ended up passing in 75 questions, it’s almost scary how the content on UWorld was almost identical to my particular questions on the NCLEX but worded in a much simpler manner. Now I feel as if I cheated because I used UWorld and I’m not ready to be a nurse.
  13. napswithcats

    NCLEX-RN June 2019

    Omg congrats RN!!!!! Glad your agonizing wait period is over!!!
  14. napswithcats

    Should I become a CNA OR MA?

    I chose to be a CNA during nursing school because 1. To get into the nursing program I wanted, I needed a minimum of 6 months of healthcare related experience so I needed something FAST and the CNA program was only 22 business days long. 2. The program was dirt cheap at $200 3. Everyone in my group got hired at the first facility they applied in. If you don’t like where you work, you have PLENTY of options. Overall it was the best decision I ever made. It is HARD and humbling work but it was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. When you are an RN, you will still have to do all the “dirty work”, change diapers, clean poop, lift heavy pt’s, transfers, EVERYTHING a CNA does as hospitals are drastically cutting down on CNA’s and some units don’t have any. There is an entire set of labs in nursing school dedicated to ADL’s. And trust me, poop...poop smells good and is a lot less gross than some of the other things you will have to deal with as a nurse. If you cannot handle “dirty”, if you cannot handle a little heavy lifting, if you cannot handle demanding and difficult patients, if you do not know how to prioritize, if you do not develop time management skills, you are going to have a really hard as a nurse.
  15. napswithcats

    Should I become a CNA OR MA?

    I live is Cali also and nursing homes are the lowest paying around 14-15 hr, home health paid me 17.50, hospitals pay around $18 to start and with a union they do get yearly raises.