Feeling useless...

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I studied for over a month and a half and finally took and passed my boards. I had 3 rounds of interviews for my DREAM DREAM DREAMMMM job and was waiting for 2 weeks to hear any news and i found out today that candidates have already been selected :( I've been applying for MONTHS for jobs in literally every state possible and still havent heard back from anyone. I'm feeling very frustrated that even though there are so many available RN positions, no hospital is willing to hire new grads. I know its just a matter of getting my foot through the door to gain some experience but at this point it feels like im never gonna get there.....

Its only been 2 months since graduation but i'm worried cause I have to pay loans, and im moving out of my house soon, so everything seems like its not working out :(

any words of encouragement would be truly appreciated



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I feel your pain, but a little bit differently. I am an older nurse (51) and apparently ready for pasture! Been looking for 2 years. DO NOT take it personal. Part of it is the economy and what is happening with the healthcare act. Some of those jobs are constant, they just stay advertised seemingly never to be filled! You WILL find something eventually. It is just harder now. Make sure you network, network, network. The best way to find a job is not the boards but by word of mouth. Make sure you have a tidy, but efficient resume, and a killer cover letter. I do know if volunteering truly helps in all cases but it will give you something to do while looking. Can't hurt! Eventually, something will come along. It always does. It is the time frame that is the hard part. Cannot stresss the importance of networking enough--make sure anyone who breaths knows you are looking. Have business cards made up so you can give people your name and number. I wish you all the best. Something WILL come along but in the meantime keep up with all the issues involved in nursing. Become proficient in Office and typing if you aren't already. An network. Good Luck!



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Oh yes it is completely frustrating what you are feeling but just do not give up. If you give up what else are you gonna do. You have worked hard for your degree and you will get a job. I ended up moving out of state because I could not even a job in my home state of California. I kept telling myself over and over again that I will have a job and my time will come. I even wrote down on my planner my name-RN to inspire myself.

Loans are a pain in the neck. Do you have government loans? Because usually you can get a 6 month deferment and then you can apply for an unemployment deferment if u are still unemployed 6 months after graduation. Private loans, well they can provide deferments, but not as much as the government loans, from my experience.

Have you tried looking into New Mexico. It is probably a long shot, but they are vey fast at giving you a license. I think I got my temp. permit there in 1.5 weeks...although I ended up not getting a job there.

Anyways, good luck and never give up!! :redbeathe

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You might try these websites if moving is an option

http://www.bsahs.org baptist saint Anthony healthcare system

and nwtexashealthcare.com northwest Texas hospital

Amarillo is not a large city but we have about 150000 population here and a fair economy

I have worked for both hospitals and both are good. BSA is non profit and Northwest is for profit just some info for you

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There are currently many threads addressing this problem right now on this board...the job situation is very dire for new grads and also in many states for experienced nurses as well. Do a look up..there is a thread that has several posts regarding areas were there are jobs available. I think North Dakota is one of them....plentiful jobs but low wages. It varies from state to state...Florida is very tight right now, especially for new grads. But see if you can find those threads.



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Thank you everyone. Its honestly very heartwarming how much all of you really care and spend time to answer random strangers. I guess thats why we all decided to become nurses. We are by nature, just caring people.

@registerednutrn I will look into the websites you gave me. Thank you so much! Do you like the Texas area? I was actually looking at places to apply in that state but new nothing about where to start.



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Have you ever considered long term care as an option? i am a nurse manager in a LTC facility and we are always looking for RN's. I know many people go to nursing school with hospitals in mind, but LTC has many benefits. You will get to know a variety of people, you may move up to management at a faster pace, and you get to use you're deductive reasoning alot! (some residents can not communicate verbally)

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Can't really add to what the others have said, but I wanted to tell you to hang in there. Something will come up.

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I may be forced to move to Texas. My dad who is a psych. Tech, fiancee is a new Director of Nursing. She is willing to hire me, but as crazy as it may sound I want to earn my own job.

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I know you're looking for words of encouragement and I'm sorry if this isn't.

But I believe in being realistic.

This was way before the economy tanked.

It took me about 6-7 months to land my first nursing job after I graduated school. I was forced to relocate a 1000 miles away.

It wasn't my 'preferred job' but it was a job.

How did I deal with the rejections? Every institution that refused to hire me, I thought "it's their loss not mine! They could've had an awesome nurse like me on staff but they lost out!"

My point being?

Chin up!

They better drag you away kicking and screaming... because you're NOT going to give up, are you??

I'd like to second RockinRN04's suggestion and add on - look not only into LTC but other places. Urgent care? Radiology? Same day surgery? Surgical centers and Specialist surgical centers (I know one colleague who does part time at a hand surgery center)?

Yes, the times are hard.

But so is a Nurse!

You went through nursing school and passed the boards! You're not a wimp!

Adapt! Improvise! Overcome!

If you want it badly enough...

I wish you much luck!

- Roy



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It appears most darkest when the sun is about to come out. Perservere, it will come.

Habbakuk 2:1-3, "It may seem slow in coming, but wait for it; it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed."

And please continue to do what you do, hard as it will be, don't let it dampen your spirits. This I know for sure, the tide WILL turn.

I typed that scriptural verse to you, it ministered to me too. Thank you:)



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I may be forced to move to Texas. My dad who is a psych. Tech, fiancee is a new Director of Nursing. She is willing to hire me, but as crazy as it may sound I want to earn my own job.

What is family, if we cannot turn to them during our times of need?

Your dad's fiance wants to hire you, then fine.If it is a job that meets your capabilities that would be great. She is also taking a risk hiring family who or may not be up to par.

If you have't had experience, use this opportunity to et experience and then move on if you still choose. And again, she's just not handing you the job, you are going to be earning it taking care of your patients and giving excellent care. She's also on the line too- the greater part would be in firing you, if you do not meet expectations.