i feel not good enough...

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i dont feel good enough because i dont have my rn... i was in school for my rn.. but the school screwed me over and i got sick and couldnt finish. i feel like im not good enough at work. im thankful for a job and blessed to have a job.. but they only treat me like a cna... i am an LPN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know if i can do this the rest of my life... being treated like a cna...

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i dont feel good enough because i dont have my rn...
It's never a good idea to depend on a degree or license to feel validated. This seems like an issue with self-confidence, which is something that can only come from within.

i used to feel so confident but lately no... its just i get so degraded at work it lowers my self esteem. Why cant people have any respect for LPNS? WHY AM I GETING USED AS A CNA? it doesnt make sense to me...people see me come to the floor and their like oh the other aide is here and its like no... IM AN LPN!

you dont understand

What sort of facility do you work in? If it's LTC then you're not a CNA, if it's a hospital setting then the may have LPNs titled as aides or techs and keep RNs as nurses. I had a MA that I worked with tell me that she didn't care what my title was (LPN) we were all supposed to do the same job. Talk to your manager and clarify what your role is supposed to be.

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I'm sorry you feel bad, but please think about what you're saying to all the CNAs right now

other than that, the Commuter summed it up nicely

you dont understand

If you don't take responsibility for your feelings...well, you're screwed in life. If you need others to value yourself, the problem lies within you. That is not to say to allow yourself to get walked over. Stand up for yourself, and do it professionally.

I'm sorry you feel bad but please think about what you're saying to all the CNAs right now[/quote']

I am proud that I was a CNA before I became an RN. BUT, I advanced myself, as OP did which does deserve recognition. I would not want to be treated like a CNA either. However, no matter how I am treated, I do NOT rely on others for my self worth.

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you dont understand
I believe I do understand. . .somewhat. I worked as an LPN for 4+ years and never felt these feelings of not being 'good enough.' Then again, I would never work at a place that utilized me as a CNA and treated me as one unless I was on the verge of homelessness.

im sorry its not my intent to offend any CNAS in any way... im sorry if anyone was offended..

7 years as an LPN opens many doors for you.

I have an friend that is an LPN. She teaches at a local for profit college, does clinical documentation for an insurance company.

Start thinking outside the box of working in a facility.

Good luck to you.

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