i feel not good enough...

Nurses LPN/LVN


i dont feel good enough because i dont have my rn... i was in school for my rn.. but the school screwed me over and i got sick and couldnt finish. i feel like im not good enough at work. im thankful for a job and blessed to have a job.. but they only treat me like a cna... i am an LPN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know if i can do this the rest of my life... being treated like a cna...

I'm sorry you feel bad, but please think about what you're saying to all the CNAs right now

other than that, the Commuter summed it up nicely

What is she saying to CNA's?

She is not talking to any one in particular . She is saying, she is being not being utilized to the degree she has trained for. How could THAT possibly offend a CNA?

OP than feels the need to apologize ( for nothing) .. and her ego seems pretty fragile right now.

well she is in the LPN board, we should be able to speak freely, even if she did offend someone such as a CNA. I see that she didn't mean offense to a CNA but we went to school, got a few more letters behind our names and should be able to be proud! Anyways, Set up and demand your respect, you probably allow them to treat you this way, I worked in LTC and I had to harden my backbone :)

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