Favorite brands of scrubs and why?

Nurses Uniform/Gear


I am a new nurse and interested in where is the best place to shop for scrubs, what brands do people prefer, and why?  Also, what colors do you wear for your uniform?


I and my wife both love Cherokee Infinity collection. Figs appear incredibly popular but hideously pricey. Sometimes the better brands have sales. Worth the wait. I’m a big fan of all navy or black, but to each their own. 

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It wear FitScrubs.  They do fall into the hideously pricey but they last forever and are super comfortable. 

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Infinity scrubs only - have 5 black pants and 9 years later, they are still going strong


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Carhartt Force Flex.  The material is moisture wicking and stretches, light as a feather and they hold up well.  I can't function without them.  plus they have pockets exactly where I need them. 

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Do these Carhartt Force Flex scrubs run true to size?

Carhartt Force Flex - is a good choice. I've been wearing it for several years. But maybe because I haven't tried any other brands

mandala scrubs is where its at...inexpensive, comfortable/flexible and lots of color options....

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Benefit medical - love their scrubs!! 

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