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foxypaws has 2 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Operating room.

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  1. foxypaws

    Karen MD started YouTube channel to bash nurses and NP

    Thanks. On a good note, it makes me a better nurse, and I never would have been able to have the beautiful family I have without the medical retirement from the military and decade I spent recovering. Silver lining!!
  2. foxypaws

    Karen MD started YouTube channel to bash nurses and NP

    A PA missed something the radiologist later caught on an X-ray when I was in the service. By then it was too late. I nearly lost my arm and will be in horrific pain the rest of my life. I was in my twenties and it destroyed my life. I'm lucky I...
  3. foxypaws

    Too Fat To Be A Nurse?

    I eat one large meal a day when working, and one or two 100-150 calorie snacks. On off days I eat two large meals. I don't drink anything but water, black coffee, and drinks that use stevia or sugar alcohols as sweeteners. How can I do it? As ot...
  4. foxypaws

    Too Fat To Be A Nurse?

    No one is going to look down on you. BUTTT…. Self care is so important. For YOU make a game plan and stick to it. Hit the gym, eat only what you cook yourself, cut the carbs waaay down to something more realistic like our ancestors would eat, tr...
  5. foxypaws

    How much are you willing to pay for scrubs?

    They’re provided in the Operating Room, for sanitation purposes. It should really be that way in all units, but it is not. That said, a hospital will only buy uncomfortable awful scrubs and not the nice stuff I like.
  6. Just throwing this out there, but I would initiate a workplace harassment claim with HR based on disability immediately.
  7. foxypaws

    Starting Out on a Medical-Surgical Floor

    When nurses at the hospital I was doing clinicals at last year started telling me that 8 patients was the new norm with mandating every week, I instantly said "not for me." No, and hell no. I’m too physically disabled and old to wreck what is left of...
  8. I did run into this in school… one of my preceptors had about a year of experience BUT she was a DEMSN graduate from a top school and was sharp as a tack. Honestly she did a great job, almost as good as another preceptor that had a decade of experien...
  9. You just proved my point. People with this sort of irrational mentality are the reason jobs such as police and military eventually had to be legally prevented from striking. People care more about their ideology than the safety of society.
  10. People tend to have emotion driven strong reactions to this topic that give precedence to their personal reservations versus rational discourse. I was discussing this matter recently with someone at a social gathering (their spouse is an OR nurs...
  11. Something I try to remind myself, that I hope other new nurses make their mantra: "be the change you want to see in the world." Got this.
  12. Well, truthfully, I specifically targeted OR after shadowing it because I realized it was the best possible choice for someone with my issue. Aside from that, I am open and up front about my diagnosis. I can’t hide it for very long, I’m very "Sh...
  13. foxypaws

    How much are you willing to pay for scrubs?

    I’m older and my body hurts. I’m willing to pay upwards of $120 for a good comfortable top, pants, and jacket.
  14. foxypaws

    Am I getting into nursing for the right reason?

    ROFL. Sure. LOL
  15. foxypaws

    Importance of Pinning With Families

    What on earth is wrong with your school?