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I got my midterm grade back for the Physio Lab... And I failed so miserably that I can't even bring myself to say the number... Let's just say it's lower than 50. What's worst is that we only have one more exam left which is the final. Out of 11 students only person passed with a 75. What's worst is that the porf won't even talk to us and let us know what to do in order to bring our grades back up. She get's so defensive if we ask her questions even on our lab reports. Today the class was just trying to say what was wrong with the way the class is set (no fault of hers) but she wouldn't even listen. The problem is that the lecture is soo far behind from the lab. We are 4 chapters ahead of the lecture.

I'm o.k. with all that. To me a lab is supposed to support the lecture. Not the other way around. And if can't be like that than have FULL LECTURE for the lab as well :( That's why I'm upset. All she does is tell how to do the experiment and you have to turn in your report at the next class. To me she's crazy... Right now I'm at a D grade although all my reports come out to a B withour the midterm.

It so sad because here I am Acing the lecture part and I'm failing this 1 credit class miserably... I feel like just quitting:o

Sorry! It was so lenghty but I had to vent.:o

hoolahan, ASN, RN

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DON'T QUIT!!! YOU are not a failure, that set-up is! If the teacher won't listen, ask to meet with the Dean of the nursing school.

I will say one thing though, what is stopping you from reading the related material for the lab ahead of time? I know you must have tons of work, but it may be helpful for you.

I failed the peds growth and development module, and we were allowed to take it four times. (We had to get an 85 to pass.) I remember feeling just how you feel, like a loser, felt like everyone couold tell just by looking at me too. But guess what? It didn't matter in the long run, I still passed my boards!

Worst case scenario, can you just re-take the lab portion next time it's available, and not the whole science?? Or, do it in the summer?

Good luck to you, remember, you are NOT a failure!!!


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I am so sorry! I am not in the nursing program yet, but I have to say I worry about this a lot. You'd think that the teachers would be in better communication with one another. I am really sorry, it sucks that a class that is supposed to enhance your lecture is actually becoming a hindrance to your learning. It just doesn't seem fair. You'd think that such a low class average would be a reflection on the teacher's performance, yk? Good luck, I hope things turn around soon.


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I agree with hoolahan, and would definately try to speak with someone else about this, at least then you will know for sure if this is just something you will have to deal with for this course.

It sounds very frustrating, good luck :)

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I'm sorry you're stuck with this teacher that is making your guys' life miserable. Before I thought if I bucked the teacher, it would force them to change their ways. I know now that is not possible usually. I always try to do whatever I can do just to make it through the class knowing once that happens, I will never have to deal with the teacher again.

Do you have study groups? They really help me. We together try to figure out what the teacher will ask us on the test!

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.


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I agree also with to the dean of nursing. Get your friends to talk as well. I know my hubby teaches as a second job and he gets graded/evaluated by his students at the college level. I had met with the dean of nursing when I had finished all my prereqs and they told me it would be another year to get into the nursing program and that the only seats left were for high school students graduates not me who had been out of school for eight years. I told them it was age discrimination they said no it was not. I saw a lawyer and I had a seat in the program in less than one week.

Let us know how you do but NEVER EVER give up.................


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After loosing some sleep over it last night. I decided that I will go back and talk to the prof. one on one first. Maybe she felt that she was being attacked in the classroom setting. I'm going to call her and e-mail her and see if I can make an appointment with her. Then if I get no response from when I have the meeting with her then I will start stirring up things. We should've known something like this was going to happen because she said she quit her last job because students were complaining about their grades. Go figure! I really think she got fired. I'm also going to talk to my Physiology lecture teacher. I'm not putting the blame on her but to me if you are getting A's in the lecture and end up with a D in lab something is definately wrong.

Thanks for all the support guys...


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Let us know how it goes.

good luck.


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Whatever you do don't quit! I was in a nursing program when I was 19. I failed my second semester. This school had a fail two classes your out of the program so I was too afraid to try again and fail so I quit. I am 29 years old now and it has haunted me forever. I am finally able to get back and this time I promise you I will not quit. I will scream and holler till I get help and worse case scenario I will take the class over again, but I will not give up. You shouldn't either. If you want to be a nurse don't let anyone or any class stop you. The worst that could happen is you have to take this class over again. Hang in there.



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dont give up! i have a's in stats,algebra,chemistry patho, etc but am struggling with math for meds for the third time! we need a 90 to pass and i keep getting high 80's even though i get mostly As on the tests i tend to choke at the end.NOT this time....don't ever give up the road is long but if you want it you will get there!


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I'm not sure if the OP gave up or not, but this thread is over 3 years old. How in the world are these getting back onto the front page?? LOL

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