failed again....


Hi everybody

I don't know where to start now...:bluecry1:.I gave the nclex-rn a week ago failed again it was my 3rd time ...need some help and inspiration....Really don't have any idea how to study for this monster again...


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Hi sorry you did not pass the monster what have you used in the past? have you tried Hurst??? it seem to be great with content. just dont give up....(((hugs)))

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Hey there,

I know the feeling.Do not focus on how many times you appeared the NCLEX.This exam is different to each individual.I failed for the 4th time on January 27th and now i am preparing for the 5th time.I do not want this exam to let me down.For the 1st 3 times i got 75 questions but 4th time i got 107 questions( 2 above passing standard,rest near the passing standard).Some get through this exam devoting less time and some have to devote more than anyone else.This exam is not testing you for your smartness but for your testing skills.I am a horrible test taker and have really bad anxiety during the exam time and cannot think critically although knowing all the information.Before appearing for the 4th time i read kaplan 2010-2011 strategy book which help me to know about this exam.Believe in yourself and do not doubt on yourself.

Take care


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Sorry to hear about that. Do not give up. Do tonssss of questions and content review (hurst).


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I am sorry too. I took it last week and I will have to say it is a tricky, test especially the priority questions. What are you using for study? Have you gone thru Prioritization, delegation & assignments by Linda Lacharity? Have you read Saunders? Let us know. Good luck to you!!:hug:


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Thank you all for your response !

First time i used kaplan,saunders 4th edition failed with 75q

2nd time hurst,saunders ,nclex 3500 failed with 226q tested for 6hrs

3rd time hurst, saunders ,ncsbn 3week,nclex 4000 failed with 86q

@kcshaib: your story looks like mine ! thanks for encouragement .How are you studying now ??

@futurern34: Thnaks ! I don't have Linda Lacharity's book may be i should bye this one


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Thank you Diana2520, malenurseIL for your encouragement .

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I am using kaplan course book that comes when you enroll in the kaplan course.To enforce my content i am also using Feuer audio content review which i downloaded for free.Pharmacological and the parental therapy is my weakest portion so i purchased Feuer pharmacology audio which comes with 6 cd and the booklet which you go according to the cd from amazon.For the question i am using NCLEX 4000 and making notes on the things that are important.I also made note from the Feuer content audio review and reviewing that as well.

If you have any question regarding my preparation feel free to ask.

Give yourself sometime to grieve and get back to study.

Blessings and good luck to you.


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I failed for the 3rd time on Tuesday... I also am lost on where to go to prepare again. I've done kaplan and the ncsbn program this past time. Right now I think I'm going to start over with my exam cram book and try to do lots of questions every day :) GL studying. When do you plan to retake?


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think positive. if you lose hope in studying it will lead to more poorer prognosis. stay in your game. just think of a better study habit. you got the content already and references you just need a study plan.


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I want to be ready before Jun. But its hard to concentrate ...sometime i think the problem is i cant remember at all what i study .i don't know how many hrs i need to study . when you guys are planning to take @kcshaib & Ekuyk ?

thank you Schizoh !!

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My suggestion

Practice questions and read the rationales, even if right. Only get the books out and study if it is an area where you are struggling to answer questions. Do not do too many hours study but look at 2-3 hours a day. Remember to take some 'me' time and relax