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Hi everyone,

i just became a new member to allnurses. But I need some advice. I graduated May 2014 and have failed the NCLEX-RN 5 times. The first 3 times I failed at 75 questions, 4th time was 176 questions and my most recent which was October 1, 2016 I failed at 265. I thought this was it and that I had passed but now I'm starting to feel defeated. In August I took a hurst review and really liked it. I've also had 2 tutors in the past. But I'm thinking of going back to test but instead this time do the NCLEX for LPN. And buying a question bank for LPNs. So I just wanted to know your thoughts please... should I try the LPN or go and test RN again. Thank you...

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I'm so sorry that you have not passed yet. I'm not sure if u can do the LPN NCLEX but I can be wrong. What does your report say? Have you thought about a remedial course.... God bless you & pls dnt give up.


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Hi thanks for replying.. I didn't get my report yet. And I contacted the BON for MA and they said all I need to do is the application and mark LPN. On my last report I was near passing on all sections and below on safety and infection so I tried focusing more on that section. And I did hurst review in August. But I feel like I don't know what else to do.. 5 times is a lot..


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Stay positive & keep your head will conquer NCLEX


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Just doing the hurst reviews is just not enough. You have to go gang buster on Nclex style test question . Complete 200 question a day for 60 day and I guarantee you would pass


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Thanks.. what resource did you use for questions? I've used ncbsn, unworld, and Saunders. I used Kaplan in 2014 when I first graduated..

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Have you tried LaCharity?


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Yes I have the book.. but used it a while ago.


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Sorry to hear that.. I, myslef took the nlcex 2x.. The first time i tokk my nclex it went all the way up to 265.. It was very exhausting.. The second time around i went to a private review.. And she is really good.. Her review and her ways of strategies to answer questions made me passed.. Good luck! U can try LPN.. That was my friend did.. She cant passed the RN for many times.. So she tried LPN and she did pass..


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Thank you and yes I am going to go ahead and try doing the LPN.


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Hi there nikki1991,

Please don't give up, study hard and stay positive. Pray also. You will do great, I will be praying for you future nurse.

May God bless us all nurses!!!!!!