Failed NCLEX 3 times and FINALLY passed!!


Hey everyone! I wanted to post my story on this website because it was other people's stories that got me through the past year and a half. I graduated Nursing school in August 2010. I first took the NCLEX in November of that year and didn't pass. I took the Kaplan review course, but I know I didn't do as much as I should have. In 2011 I took the test two more times and both attempts were unsuccessful as well. I really felt hopeless, humiliated, and had no idea if I should keep on pursuing it. I had been out of school for so long, I didn't even think I could get a job at this point. But I gave it another chance and again, used Kaplan Q bank and Hurst review. I did EVERYTHING you could possibly do on both study sites. I took the test again on January 6, 2012 and PASSED! It felt amazing! I had been depressed and so stressed out the past year. I just want to let anyone who is having the similar problem as I had to NOT GIVE UP. With a LOT of prayer and a ton of studying, you can do it!!! Good luck to everyone out there trying to conquer this monster of a test and I will say prayers for all of you!


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Specializes in Medical and Surgical Nursing. Has 2 years experience. how long did u study? im also interested to hurst review, is there advice how did u study on both course?


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This past time I started really getting back into studying at the end of November and pretty much studied everyday. The Hurst review is really helpful for review of content, but to be honest, the Kaplan questions is what really helped me pass. If you graduated recently and have the information fresh, I would recommend just Kaplan. If you are like me and need some refreshers, I would take both! But again, Kaplan is the trick! Good luck!

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Congrats I love your attitude...your determination will get you far.


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WOW!! :yelclap: CONGRATULATIONS!!! :yelclap: and thanks for sharing your story!

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Soooooooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!


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Congratulations! We have the same story. I will be taking Hurst on January 24 and still have access on Kaplan Qbank. I already answered the 1000+ questions on Qbank but I'm trying to study them all over again. Hopefully Hurst review will help me cause I graduated April 2010 from my nursing school so I think I need a refresher course by now. Wish me luck and God bless! I salute you for not losing hope on passing, and again, congratulations. :))


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Congratulations!!! :yelclap::w00t: Doesn't it feel great, and aren't you glad you didn't give up? I was in the same position as you, graduated just prior to you, and it seemd like time just kept going by and I was never going to be able to pass. I finally passed on my 5th attempt in September!! Way to have the perseverance and diligence to continue trying when it seems like it might not ever happen. I am proud of you and you should be proud of yourself!!! Write that RN with pride, because you definitely EARNED it!! YEAH!!! You are an RN!!! :nurse:

You worked very hard and did not give up! you are an inspiration... congratulations!!!