Failed the NCLEX 4th time. Seriously? :(

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I've taken the NCLEX exam for the fourth time recently, and I failed.

I got mostly priority questions and a LOT of SATA questions.

My KAPLAN class results:

QBANK Sample test 1: 52%

QBANK Sample test 2: 40%

QBANK Sample test 3: 87%

QBANK Sample test 4: 24%

QBANK Total percent correct to date: 54%

I've reviewed and gone over all these test questions and answers at least twice.

I know my meds and labs extremely well.

My parents are willing to support me while I study, so I have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of free time to imprve myself for the next 45 days. No kids. No job.

Any tips on how I can rock that exam next time, but also without overstudying?


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Did u try Saunders CD?


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Try Exam Cram 4th ed.

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Kaplan q-bank should have pointed out your weak areas. I would suggest honing in where you scored the poorest. I think the nclex also provides an overview of where you went under the bar.

And don't study 24x7. The brain simply won't put up with that and you'll be wasting your time.

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Everyone should be prepared to see more SATA questions, they are increasing the percentage of those on NCLEX.

I actually have. As well as Exam Cram and NCSBN, too. What I'm going to do is retake my Kaplan course and this time, focus a lot more. It's the best I could do, while staying positive :)

Tried it. Along with Saunders and NCSBN. I'm going to retake Kaplan course and focus a lot more, while trying not to overstudy either.

Thank you. I'm going to retake Kaplan course and focus a lot more, while trying not to overstudy either, spending breaks working out, doing yoga, and being with positive people (family and friends). QBank shows that I was the weakest in Psychosocial Integrity in comparison to the other categories (I have 48% on average, compared to the other categories: Physiological Integrity: 51%, Safe and Effective Care: 61%, Management of Care: 60%). I reviewed all of these questions over and over again though, but I feel like I haven't learned much because when I'd take more 50-question tests in these categories, I know what answer to expect, and, rather than applying my knowledge, I'm applying my memorization skills of what answer showed up when I reviewed previous tests. I think I may need to not just read the rationales, but do my research on them too. I feel like I need brand new questions and brand new sources to prevent subconsciously memorizing answers from what I got in a "previous test". Well, I'll just try again!

I haven't looked over my score report for the NCLEX exam yet (just got it in the mail, and yesterday I was too depressed that I didn't open it, lol), but I'll go over that too and improve where I need to improve.

I'll keep that in mind and do a lot more SATA questions. Those ones always get me!

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Just FYI: your review scores should be close to 70% prior to taking the NCLEX; some of your individual scores and your overall score are low.

What were you below passing in?? What questions do you have difficulty answering per the NCLEX model?

Understanding WHAT the question is asking YOU is the step to passing the NCLEX.

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I'll keep that in mind and do a lot more SATA questions. Those ones always get me!

1) Read the article on not fearing SATA questions, and see if that clarifies things for you about why you are repeatedly failing to meet the basic licensure standard.

2) In many jurisdictions, failing the national licensure exam three times means you have to go back to school.

3) I am glad you have all the time in the world to study, but I am not sure that studying is your problem, especially if you can't do SATA questions. Why? Because nursing is pretty much all SATA. They are specifically used to look at your ability to prioritize and think critically. Since these skills are, well, critical to the practice of nursing, you may be in trouble if you can't do them well.

This is not a deficiency in "test-taking skills." SATA questions are designed to decrease some of the gaming that goes around those prep courses that teach non-nursing ways to beat multiple choice questions. Looks like it's working. Have you considered a nursing refresher course?


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Hang in there! Just Don't ever give up! You made it through nursing school! You can do this! I'm taking nclex rn for my 4th attempt this wk....We got this!:)God Bless!:)

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