Failed NCLEX RN 3 times, the max in my state


I have failed the NCLEX RN 3 times and in my state that is the maximum unless you want to go back to school again for another 3 chances. I have a BSN and my question is, what other kind of job can you get with a BSN?


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Any chance of taking it in a nearby state? Never heard of this, what state are you in?

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Any chance of taking it in a nearby state? Never heard of this, what state are you in?

There are a few states which only allow 3 attempts and after that 4th is usually after a recognised refresher course and if they fail that then have to retake nursing program


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I am in Michigan

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Honestly, there are not other jobs that you can get with a BSN. A BSN degree is not worth much without an RN license just like a law degree is worthless if you don't pass the bar exam.

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Take a refresher course. The universe is trying to tell you something.


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I thought of this option. I am having trouble finding the approved courses on my board's website :( This may be my best option rather than settling for any old job or switching carreers.


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Have you studied how to take NCLEX exam? I never took the course offered by school itself but I did buy a book. Studied it mostly how to answer questions given scenarios. It worked for me. Passed my first try!

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I would definitely take a refresher course & look at how you studied. I had 2 NCLEX books & I used an app on my phone. Both books had different question/answer methods & it drove me nuts so I just used the app on my phone. Needless to say that I passed with the minimum # of questions & in like an hr. I did it way too fast but it meant everything to me to pass. Don't stress yourself out over it but you need to figure out what is best for you.

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OP, I would not throw money at the problem. The NCLEX has really nothing to do with nursing, or what a nurse needs to know to practice nursing. The NCLEX is a game. You only need to understand how to play.

Don't take any refresher course, because that is not how you learn to play this game. All that will get you is a drop in your bank account. Do as the above has said. Buy a NCLEX review book and CD that comes with and open your mind. Forget about nursing during this time and learn how to play the NCLEX game well.


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Well, you've already maxed out on the number of allowable attempts, so there's no point in discussing how to take the NCLEX now.

There's really nothing you can do with a BSN other than pair it with an RN license. It appears that your options are (1) see about becoming licensed in another State that allows continued attempts to pass (in which case, you WILL need to learn what to do to pass the NCLEX) or (2) find another life plan.


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Hm. I'll echo what two other posters said -- I wonder how you're studying and take the NCLEX in another state. I agree also with what another poster said: NCLEX isn't real nursing. It's a game.

Did your school offer a Kaplan course or something similar?

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