Failed Nclex PN 3 times, don't know what to do now...


I have taken the PN exam yesterday for the third time. I graduated last year Jan. Took the exam in March, July 2010 - Failed both times. :uhoh3: I felt like a failure, disappointed to myself and especially my mother who is an old school RN, been a Nurse almost all her life. Big expectations. I finally procrastinated long enough the took it again. I feel as though I'm doing something wrong, I feel as if I'm not meant to be a nurse. I keep getting compared to all the LPN's who have children, family, works full time and passed their LPN where my mother works. I have been a Home Health Aide/ CNA since 2003. I went to school for Billing & Coding. Passed the Exam, but could not find a job in that position for 6 months. Finally found a job in the position, worked 1 year. Then my mother didn't think that was a good career. Kept telling me to enroll into Nursing School. So I did, full time. Got through all exams, clinical's etc. Graduated BUT can't seem to pass NCLEX- PN :confused: I am stuck. Will be 30 years next month with no career. I feel like a failure and that I disappointed my family. The worst thing is everyone from my Nursing Class passed. Two failed but had support in their lives, took it again and passed. If someone could please give me some advice on what to do. I want to take it again, but do you have to do a refresher class and then re-apply to the Florida Board of Nursing? or can you reapply again for the 4th time. I must be studying the wrong way, or not retaining the information properly. Any advice and tips will be gratefully appreciated.

Thank You All for taking the time to read this.....

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You either quit, or you take it again.

If you choose to take it again, you may want to try something different, as whatever you were doing before isn't working for you.


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Test again but change the way you are studying, you may know the information but not able to critically think when questions are put in an unfamiliar context.


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Thank you all for your opinions.


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Too much negative Nancy in your post. You have to try again and your time and energy is best spent in preparing to test again.


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Thanks for the pep talk :)


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Don't ever ever give up! You went through nursing school and now you can pass the nclex pn! Believe in yourself and read each question on the nclex slowly and think to yourself,,, What would the nurse do to save these patients lives?

I failed my Nclex RN once and I know for certain that I am going to pass the next time :) You will too!


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Don't get yourself down!

We can do this! I am in the same boat. I am currently studying waiting to take the test my 4th time later this month. Like everyone has mentioned, you were able to get through school and you will be able to pass this test.

Just reschedule and keep focused. Stay positive. We are very close to attaining our license and we cannot let this test get the better of us. If you need any words of encouragement or tips feel free to message me. I test in 2 weeks!


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Dont give up! I am retaking my NCLEX PN for the third time on monday. Just keep trying, we will all pass!


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Thank you xtianp & meganmmann for the kind words. It's taking me a while to still adjust to failing 3 times since I have to hear about it everyday from my mother. I'm normally a strong person, but I cry out of the blue just thinking about it. Well I'm going to enroll into a refresher course because I can't write or get the Boards approval before I complete this course. So with time I'll be back on positive grounds, good luck to you both also :) and thank you again.


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I just passed the PN NCLEX. My strategy:

I downloaded the NCSBN NCLEX test review document and went through each item to ensure that I felt comfortable with the topics. Anything I didnt feel comfortable with I highlighted and studied extra hard.

I signed up with the NCSBN learning extension (They write the NCLEX). Its really cheap especially if you do it dedicately over 3 weeks. I didnt so much read the material as do all of the questions and read the rationales whether I got the question right or wrong. I believe that what really helped was the mindset of how to answer the questions. The questions on NCSBN learning extension were not on the test or really like the test, but the thinking was.

There were so many questions on the test I really had to sit and stare at. I believe I passed because of the experience of understanding the way to answer questions:what to look for how to analyse the options. I knew the topics being asked, but the questions were hard.

You cant give up, you have come so far. It cant hurt to keep trying. Good luck. :redbeathe


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I recommend you take a NCLEX RN review course. YOu should take a RN course because this is more advanced knowledge so you will like guaratneed to pass the PN