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  1. Meganmh

    Text books

    Try NCSBN they make the NCLEX, I used their program and loved it. Hope this helps. http://learningext.com/hives/fcf7e298b1/summary
  2. Meganmh

    what i have to do..........

    I am in the same boat but with the PN exam. I will be once again taking it at the end of this month. I have been studying with the NCSBN practice exam which I feel is the best out of all that I have used. My plan is to study as much as I can and try as hard as I can until I pass. I wish you the best of luck.
  3. Meganmh

    recommendations for NCLEX-PN review?

    What books do you guys recommend for NCLEX-PN review? I just found out that I failed the NCLEX-PN again... so I want to do an line refresher course if possible. I work full time and cant afford to cut back my hours so if anyone can recommend a good online course or some good review books I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. Meganmh

    NCLEX PN for the 3rd time

    So I will be taking the NCLEX PN for the 3rd time on monday. I would say I feel pretty good about taking it, although the last two times I thought the same thing... But I am trying to stay positive and keep telling myself I will pass. So one big dilemma that I have is I get horrible test anxiety... like throwing up and diarrhea bad. I have prescription Ativan, so question is do I take it or not... I know there will be pro's and con's to taking it and to not but I just don't know which way to go.. Thanks!
  5. Meganmh

    Failed Nclex PN 3 times, don't know what to do now...

    Dont give up! I am retaking my NCLEX PN for the third time on monday. Just keep trying, we will all pass!
  6. Meganmh

    failed nclex-pn 2x- how can i pass it next time?

    I am down for a study group. But I am not sure how you want to do it online? Feel free to email me megan_mm13@hotmail.com. Best of luck to everyone. I finally got my ATT for my 3rd time, so I will be taking it again July 22.
  7. Meganmh

    failed nclex-pn 2x- how can i pass it next time?

    grumpee27, I am in the same boat... I will get my ATT for my 3rd attempt on the NCLEX PN wednesday. I am going to schedule for early June. I really like Vipermed.com and if you have an iphone there is an app by upward mobility for nclex pn its like $7.00 and really good for on the go and to use during lunch breaks or what not rather then bring all the books around. With all that I have read the most I can say is we need to read the areas we are weak in and just keep practicing. We will past this test! Good luck!
  8. Meganmh

    online review for nclex.. HELP!! :(

    try out Vipermed.com it isn't to expensive and I really like it.
  9. Meganmh

    preparing for the nclex exam

    I would try to stick with books you have but also I found Vipramed.com and it is well priced and a lot like the nclex. You can take a timed test and you can also take test with answers after each question, you can chose what section you want to be tested from and number of questions. Hope this helps, good luck!
  10. Meganmh

    Pearson Vue....Question.....

    What state are you in? I live in WA and have searched everywhere trying to figure out how many times I have to take the test? I have already taken it twice and pray (and study) that my 3rd time is a charm. But good luck and I hope you pass!
  11. Meganmh

    3rd time's the charm, right?

    I have failed twice and get my 3rd ATT May 11th then I can schedule again. I pray that we will both pass the 3rd time. If we don't then lets just keep trying until we pass. We passed nursing school and so we can do this too! Lets just keep our heads up which I know can be really hard. But we WILL pass boards!
  12. Meganmh

    Vipra Med

    Yea, I agree. I just wanted to see how people felt about it. The practice test seemed to be really good. Thanks for the response.
  13. Meganmh

    After Taking The NCLEX...I Passed My 5th Time!

    I have taken the NCLEX-PN twice and failed both times. So I just wanted to say thanks, this gives me hope and makes me feel better about not passing the first time. I am glad you stuck with it and passed! I am sure its the best feeling in the world. Again congratulations
  14. Meganmh

    Vipra Med

    Has anyone heard of Vipra Med and if so is it worth it? I have taken a few trial test and it seems to be pretty good and well priced but just wanted to see what other people though about it. http://www.vipramed.com/vm/index.asp
  15. Meganmh

    failed nclex 4 times

    I found this site and I think its very well priced and pretty close to the NCLEX http://www.vipramed.com/vm/index.asp at least its worth doing the 7day trial and seeing if you like it/ if it works well for you. Hope this helps
  16. Meganmh

    failed nclex 4 times

    I have failed 2 times already and really worried about taking it again. I dont think you are in trouble, I mean why would you be? What state are you in? I keep trying to find how many times I can take it in WA but I cant seem to find the information anywhere. Let me know how things go.