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  1. ChuckeRN

    Dr Oz and Aspirin

    Oh, and the one time I saw Dr. Oz on TV, all I could think was, "Why are his scrubs so tight???"
  2. ChuckeRN

    Dr Oz and Aspirin

    I just took a CE class where the nurse speaker helped to rewrite part of the 2010 ACLS protocol. According to her, O2 should not be given for patients with >95% O2 Sat. And ASA for sure. I also happened to talk with a flight nurse who told me that they like Fentanyl more than Morphine for a variety of reasons for stabilizing MI patients.
  3. ChuckeRN

    pay attention to the drugs on TV

    I disagree. The drug questions I got on NCLEX ( as well as others in my class) were the generic atenolol, digoxin, and insulin type questions. And WTH said NCLEX tests "real world" stuff is full of it. The NCLEX tests to make sure you meet the MINIMUM standard for being a SAFE nurse. There is no one that can know all the drugs that are coming out including doctors AND nurses. Try not to worry about specific drugs and concentrate on drug classes and what they do. For example, Beta Blockers.
  4. ChuckeRN

    Sharing Prescription Drugs

    Fer cryin out loud, with friends like you, who needs the DEA?
  5. ChuckeRN

    SATA questions

    Kaplan SATA strategy = Pick at least 2, but not all.
  6. ChuckeRN

    I will PASS the NCLEX-RN!!

    That's what I did as well. This is not silly at all. I also said a little prayer before I clicked on SUBMIT on question# 75. :)
  7. ChuckeRN

    NCLEX practice questions

  8. ChuckeRN

    Just took NCLEX, freaking out!

    Go get some alcohol, consume your alcohol of choice, crash, wake up in the morning, hydrate, then check the BON website, or do the PVT. You did everything you could and it's now out of your hands, so relax.
  9. ChuckeRN

    Recommend me good CONTENT review books

    My school gave us a good indicator for success in passing the NCLEX. If all your HESI tests are 900+ average, then you have a 95% probability of passing. This to me means that your content knowledge has been steady and solid throughout your time in school. I took the Kaplan, but in hindsight I probably would have passed it without it. However, I took the Kaplan class with the intention of minimizing my anxiety and maximizing my confidence as my HESIs have been right around 900 average as was my exit HESI exam. I did review content by reading the Kaplan book and watching the video after the Kaplan class, but I was also surfing the internet on my second computer screen at the same time. So I can't say I really was concerned about the content. So, I guess the bottom line is, you need to figure out how you have been doing in school and how you do on the last HESI to see if you even need any content review. Lastly, my advice is for you to pay for the NCLEX asap, so that when you finish school, you get the ATT asap and then get a testing date asap. You can always postpone the test date, but believe me, waiting for your test date is not a calming experience.
  10. ChuckeRN

    PALS certification

    I took my PALS from the same instructor as my ACLS. Why not ask your instructor tomorrow?
  11. ChuckeRN

    Recommend me good CONTENT review books

    I think the Kaplan book is a really good book, but just how thin do you expect a book that will summarize EVERYTHING you learned in NS to be??? Besides, by now you should be concentrating on test taking strategies and targeted content study instead of trying to review EVERYTHING. Have you looked at your HESI tests to see what areas you are lacking in?
  12. ChuckeRN

    NCLEX studying

    The content may matter, but the test taking strategy, probably not. Kaplan says they release a new edition fairly frequently due to the content change.
  13. ChuckeRN

    Cranial Nerves

    Neither did I. If you are doing well, you should be getting application and analysis type questions. While it is important to know the content, you should have been studying content throughout school. By now, you should be concebtrating on test taking strategy and be practicing test questions.
  14. ChuckeRN

    Fired Nurse Suing Hospital Over Tiger Woods' Records

    This is exactly the reason you should be logging out. OR, even simpler, just hit CTRL L and the terminal is locked so that you either have to enter your password, or anyone else has to log into their own account.