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ChuckeRN has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Department.

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  1. In defense of the flight crew, they NEVER talk crap about anyone (maybe because 99% of the patients are really sick), but this time they were TICKED! I wish I knew how they got the call and if they even have a choice to refuse to transport once they are on scene. And had I known the in-house pharmacy refused her meds without her ID, I would have gotten them for her from the pharmacy (which I can do).
  2. That's called Fatal Familial Insomnia. It's real. It's inherited and it's a prion disease. Very rare though.
  3. I work nites in a rural Level 3 trauma center. One night, we had the rotor crew fly in a 22 yo F for BACK PAIN! No trauma, she just woke up that morning with a back ache, but called 911 sometime during the night and somehow a helicopter was dispatched to fly her in. Of course she was texting as she was being brought in. The next night, she was brought in by ambo (by land) AGAIN for the SAME ****. Her story this time, she didn't have ID for our in-patient pharmacy to dispense her narcs, so she didn't get the meds our docs wrote a script for the previous night. To top it off, she asked for a ride BACK to her house.
  4. ChuckeRN

    Cyclic vomiters (drive me up the wall)

    Yup Haldol.
  5. ChuckeRN

    Drink or Shake during work

    +1 BSN Syntha-6. My fav is Vanilla Ice Cream. I carry a shaker bottle with a metal ball in it and just add water when I'm ready to drink it. I also carry 2 or 3 apples to eat during my 12 hour shift. Still, I have lost around 30 lbs and 4" off my waist during my 2 years on the floor.
  6. ChuckeRN

    Rules for Triage

    I love it when they come in for dental pain at 6 AM when there's a FREE walk-in dental clinic that opens at 7AM.
  7. ChuckeRN

    Do Med Surg / Tele RNs still get hired into ER?

    We try out nurses from the different departments all the time: ICU, OB, M/S, etc. Whether they are able to keep working in the ED is entirely up that specific nurse. Most can't seem to or want to handle it. In their defense, if they are getting paid the same, why would they want to work harder for the same money? Whenever the census is low, we always encourage other departments to send nurses over to see how we work. Who knows, they may ask to come back for more.
  8. ChuckeRN

    New Grad in the ED

    #1. Ask LOTS of questions. All of the docs I work with love to educate and teach. Sometimes, our co-workers are too busy to explain everything, but Docs seem always willing to take the time. #2. Be enthusiastic and willing. You may not be the fastest or the best, but you WILL get faster and better. But the one thing Docs and nurses hate is slackers. So get off your arse and hustle! #3. Be a team player. Always be willing to help out. Don't ever say, "That's not my patient!". #4. Ask to do things you suck at. Do you suck at infant caths or IVs? Ask to be the first to try it. As long as it's not emergent, most nurses will let you have the first poke or two, or the first try.
  9. A 14 yo girl brought in by ambulance from the next city's small clinic*. Complaint: "lost her tampon". Turns out she forgot she had a tampon in her for 3 weeks. The ER doc removed it and he had a look on his face when he got out of that room. *I work in a small Indian Reservation ER where we are the only hospital for 80 miles around. Though we are technically only a Level 3 Trauma Center, we get everything.
  10. ChuckeRN

    New ER nurse...is there any hope for me?!?!

    A monkey can start IVs. Don't sweat the small stuff.
  11. ChuckeRN

    Decreasing Medication Passes to BID from TID

    We have 5300 inmates in our prison and TID for Watch Swallow meds are impossible for nurses and no go for Security so the meds are always divided into 2 doses.
  12. ChuckeRN

    Have you worked for Wexford?

    Sorry guys, but due to the transition, people have been quitting and getting fired so we are extremely short staffed and so I've been working 4 days every week = 100+hours every 2 weeks. As a private company vs a State DOC, employees are much easier to fire, but just as tedious to hire so have patience if you have an interview or have received a call from Wexford. And if you have not heard from them in a timely manner, CALL, CALL, and CALL again - really. They (HR) are swamped right now so call and be the sqeaky wheel. As for how I like Wexford, I'm not impressed with their level of communication and organization. They seem to be very haphazard and have even more layers of paperwork than the DOC. If you'd like to chat and ask more in depth questions, PM me with your e-mail and we can chat in private. In the end, I really enjoy workng at the prison and could not imagine working in a hospital where I have doctors running around 24/7 giving orders. Where I am, if I have a question, I will call you otherwise, the doctors just stay out of our way or are not even on the premises. And yes they do hire new grads. IMO - as I was hired as a NG, if you do have what it takes to work in a prison, you will do great, if you need a lot of hand holding, you should work in a hospital.
  13. ChuckeRN

    Common Correctional Nursing Interview Questions

    I work in the largest State prison in our state (by population) - approx 5300 inmates at any given time. On weekends, it is just me and one other nurse until the pill pass nurses get to work around 11 am. So with no other nurses and no doctors, I tend to phone triage a LOT! With that said, if I had a call for both of the CP and bleeding inmates, before I had them in front of me, I would have a lot more information. For example, does the CP inmate have a cardiac history? How long has he been having CPs? How old is he? Does he have a hx of anxiety? GERD? Etc. The inmate that is C/O bleeding - where's he complaining that he's bleeding from? Rectal? Urinary?
  14. ChuckeRN

    Trying to get out of Correctional Nursing....

    I suppose corrections is as far from OB or NICU as possible. The part of corrections you hate is what I happen to love about corrections. What you see as a hindrance (aside from the boss and pay), I see as a positive that most nurses or people in general don't seem to understand. I've been in NICU (personally), but now that I'm a corrections nurse, I just can't see myself going into any other field besides ER. I completely understand, and I wish you the best of luck.
  15. ChuckeRN

    Trying to get out of Correctional Nursing....

    What don't you like about CN?
  16. ChuckeRN

    Thinking of going to corrections

    This is very true, but I also find that where most COs are willing and able to jump in and help and protect you, a lot are also lawsuit phobic and will let an inmate get away with quite a lot. Just last night I had an inmate demand that I give him something for his dental pain that I could see no S&S of. I warned him once to lower and watch his tone of voice. When he did not, I sent home with nothing. Then he asked for my name and threatened to tell everyone about me. I almost asked him if he thought I was a Chinese restaurant that he could spread bad stories about. lol In the end though, medical and security will have to work together and they will always "work" together.

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