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Hey everyone I am from Los Angeles and attending lacc. So I just got my grades back I didn't do so well in anatomy I got an D. I am feeling so discouraged now because if I can't pass anatomy what makes me think I can become an Rn some day. My question is could I bridge over LVN to RN ...could I still make it as a nurse if I go down that route or just take anatomy over but that D will still be on my transcript. I just need some words of encouragement or something positive because I just feel like quitting all together.

If you want to become an RN you will have to pass anatomy whether you bridge from LVN or not. Make up your mind that you are going to do that at some point. Should you become an LVN, at least you could work as a nurse until RN school becomes a reality for you.

I would definitely like to take anatomy over but I am worried about my gpa. I know that schools are very competitive and I'm worried about getting rejected with my gpa especially with that D on my transcript. I don't know what to do ?

Repeat anatomy.

I mean yeah but would my gpa be ok? I have no idea where to start counselors barely help

I mean yeah but would my gpa be ok? I have no idea where to start counselors barely help

Depends on which school you're going to or if you plan to transfer to - either way, a D in anatomy doesn't make you competitive and many won't accept less than a C. Your best option is to retake it and aim for a better grade, but before you take it, try and figure out why you failed it.

  • Did you put enough time into it? A 4 credit hour class can require around 16 hours per week of study time minimum; this can go up if you're still having trouble 'getting it'. I tutor A&P and a lot of folks ask me "How long should I study?" The answer is: until you get it.
  • Did you gel with your professor? Some don't, and that's okay, but it's important to find one that you do gel with. Learning, to me, feels like 25% professor, and 75% student - Having a terrible professor definitely makes life harder, but it's not impossible to pass a class with a bad one. It just means that you have to work harder to fill those gaps.
  • Are you using the appropriate resources? Did you read the textbook, and did you read it appropriately? Did you make awesome notes? Watch videos etc to help you fill in some gaps? This is really important! Most of your learning in A&P will be self-driven; sure, your teacher will go over some stuff in class, but it's important to really understand this stuff and not just rely on the powerpoints.

Go speak to your advisers, it's their job to help and really they're the only ones that can tell you the best course of action. The path isn't going to be easy though so please prepare yourself for that. There's no quick fix or shortcut - if you want to go into nursing, you're really going to have to get a solid foundation in A&P. If you don't, you're going to have trouble grasping things that come up later.

I mean yeah but would my gpa be ok? I have no idea where to start counselors barely help

No one can answer if your GPA will be "okay."

Okay for what over all admission to nursing school?

Which school? LPN or BSN? What is your current GPA? How competitive is the school you are applying to? What is their minimum GPA required? What is their average admitted?

If you want to go to nursing school you need A&P 1 and 2, both. Period.

I'll be totally honest with you I have poor study habits. Since the class was on Fridays only that's the only time I opened my notebook. I admit I was a horrible studier.

My teach was awesome she provided her own fill in lecture notes and lab notebook. She only has two test and two practicums. Her class was so easy...but I didn't take the time to really read the material I feel like such a jackass.

I'm just worried if I take this class again with proper study habits and hopefully get a better grade that D I received will still tank my chances of getting into a nursing program because it will still be on my goal and transcripts.

I have reached out to my advisor in early May and told her that I have a huge chance of failing this class. She told me that if I don't pass I can't get into a program even if I retake it.

Pondering on your GPA should have been accomplished before you earned the D. Doing so now is only wasting time better spent on preparing to "repeat anatomy". What else to you expect to be said than has already been said in response?

Of course there is, retake it.

I guess I'm going to try to retake it this summer or fall. I just really hate myself right now. I wish I can shake the failure and depressed off of me.

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If I were you, I would hold off on taking more classes until I was older and had better work ethic. I had classmates in nursing school that had GPAs below a 2 when they were in their early 20s and didn't take college seriously. They decided to take nursing school prerequisites years later and became straight A nursing students. Poor studying habits now will hold you back in nursing school, whether you're in school to become an LVN or RN. Get your stuff together, have accountability, don't make excuses, and eventually you'll be on the road to success. FYI, I've heard if you retake classes and get a better grade, the previous grade is replaced, meaning your GPA would be fine.

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