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  1. FutureNurseInfo

    Lehman College Fall 2019 Admissions

    Also, those applying to Lehman ABSN, the program now is 15 months, and unlike previously, the start date is early June, so all of the pre-reqs must be completed by spring semester of the summer start date.
  2. FutureNurseInfo

    Lehman College Fall 2019 Admissions

    I think if the pre-reqs are older than 10 years, you can retake them and the old grades won't matter. But then again, contact the school to confirm. Also, if they do allow retakes (in your case), will you want to spend a year or so to retake those courses?
  3. FutureNurseInfo

    Thinking of cutting loses

    Well, I have become one of the thousands of nursing students who has reached that point of no return, thinking if it is worth it... Anyways, I will spare you the details, and tell that I failed my clinical mid-term. The final grade is due in 2 weeks (I am in a 12 month accelerated), so I have very little time to implement a laundry list of improvements to hopefully get a pass on my clinical's final. However, after I got the mid-term fail, I have been literally feeling like giving up. At times I sit in solitude and think if I had made the right choice. I had been a successful teacher for a decade prior to starting nursing school. I am 33, and have nothing to show up for, if I fail. I have 6 more months to go before graduation, but each day seems so impossible for me. Also, I am the only one in my clinical group who failed midterm. Right now I find myself unable to even make myself do anything. My morale is low, and depression is becoming a reality. The most terrible thing, though, is, I was not that upset with my failing the mid-term; on the contrary, I felt somewhat a relief. I tend to find myself a few times catching myself making silliest of mistakes. Then I wonder the mistakes I make here will inevitably impact someone's health in the future, should I make a nurse. I realize I have been rumbling without reaching the point. I guess I have no clue as to what I really need to do. I have been thinking of cutting my loses and just go back to teaching...But if I do, that means I have wasted 3 years of my life doing nursing....and the only legacy of all this time wasting is that I am 3 years older and $15,000 more in debt. I am not sure what to do....
  4. FutureNurseInfo

    Lehman College 2018 Fall Generic BSN/ABSN applicants!

    Hello, The level of rigor at Lehman's program is influenced by many aspects, including student's own resiliency, and level of commitment. Based on my own experience, my first semester was incredibly difficult, particularly with pathophysiology. Right now I am in med-surg, and it is also not an easy task. Particularly, my clinical instructor is a very tough one, so each clinical day is like a trial by fire. Needless to say I am "burnt"! if I have to rate it i'd rate it an 11! Nursing school at Lehman has been the most stressful and the most difficult thing I have ever undertaken. At times, well, many times, I ponder if I had made the right choice.
  5. FutureNurseInfo

    Med-Surg: Survival Tips

    Hello, everyone! Here comes yet another thread on the struggles of a nursing student with med-surg. I did rather well in my funds, patho, pharm, psych, and now taking med-surg 1, research class and critical thinking class. Oh and I am in an accelerated program, 12 months. Also, I am taking med-surg for only 6 weeks as after that I will have 5 more weeks of peds. The two classes, research and critical thinking I am doing fine in, but med-surg...well, the semester just started but I feel like I am drowning. It is so overwhelming with the amount of information to know about procedures, interventions and such...I have been practicing questions but not been doing well...what I thought was obvious, was not at all. If anyone has any tips to survive this course, I'd really appreciate it!
  6. FutureNurseInfo

    Lehman College 2018 Fall Generic BSN/ABSN applicants!

    Are you asking as a pre-nursing student who will take HESI entrance exam, or as an actual student who will be studying for HESIs coming up next week? If you are a pre-nursing student taking HESI entrance exam, I think studying 6-8 hours a day for a month is excessive. I think if you did well in all tested subjects (math, reading, A&P, CT) you will be fine on the HESI with minimum-moderate study. I would suggest study about 2-3 hours for two weeks leading up to the exam. Practice as many questions as you can get your hands on. There is no way (I am speculating) to study for CT so you may want to practice some NCLEX style questions you can find online.
  7. FutureNurseInfo

    nursing diaganosis help!!

    I am in the same boat as you; nursing diagnoses are beasts! This is how I would rephrase it though: Impaired Mobility r/t inflammation of feet aeb bilateral edema of feet and ankles. One trick that I use to check if my nursing dx makes sense is to read it backwards. For example, using your dx, I can read it backwards and this is what I get: inflammation of feet CAUSES problems (impaired) with mobility. Does it make sense? I think it does. However, if it did not, or sounded strange, most likely the etiology was off. I hope that helps!
  8. FutureNurseInfo

    How to Ace Nursing Fundamentals courses?

    Thank you all for giving my some valuable advice! As far as how I did, I am not sure. I mean I feel it can go either way, but the grade is not posted until tomorrow, if anything. I also had my first patho exam today, on the same day with my fundamentals! To tell you I was in hell taking patho is a huge understatement! I am genuinely scared! Out of 50 questions I felt confident answering maybe 10! The rest was just guessing. Most of the questions were so specific as to specific genetic conditions and their manifestations, some questions were rather vague, and I am sure one was poorly worded, as I noticed it should have said "antibodies" and not "antigens". But hey, it is what it is. I will try to do better next time. Thanks again!
  9. FutureNurseInfo

    How to Ace Nursing Fundamentals courses?

    Thank you!
  10. Here I am, asking this same very question for a zillion's time! I am having my first ever nursing type of exam this Wednesday. Needless to say it is a lot of chapters to cover. I admit I have no structured take on studying for such an exam. I do, however, go over highlighted notes, review concept maps, my notes, and watch some videos, especially for performance procedures. What else can you all advise I do to really prepare for such an exam? Thank you all in advance!
  11. FutureNurseInfo

    Clinical Instructor sucks...

    I really appreciate your taking time to write such a comprehensive response! I do agree, that the real learning begins after graduation. As a second degree student, I guess, I expected more. But I will follow your advice to the T. My biggest fear is to actually interacting with the patients, and, even more, performing procedures on them! What would be your advice about that?
  12. FutureNurseInfo

    Clinical Instructor sucks...

    I agree. But I feel like complaining will only make matters worse. I guess I will try to make the best of this situation. This coming Friday we are going to the hospital, so I will see how it will go.
  13. FutureNurseInfo

    Clinical Instructor sucks...

    I agree. That is what I keep telling myself, that the job will be the real learning.
  14. FutureNurseInfo

    Clinical Instructor sucks...

    Well, the first couple weeks we are supposed to learn the basics before we practice the skills on actual patients. So, next Friday we are going to the hospital.
  15. FutureNurseInfo

    Clinical Instructor sucks...

    Hi there! So I am in week 3 of the first semester of nursing school. Btw, it is an accelerated BSN program. So, so far I have had 2 clinicals on campus, and I will have my third one tomorrow. I am actually going to the hospital next Friday! Anyways, my issue is that our clinical instructor is non-existent. On the first day of clinical she was late. When we finally split into stations, she was running Vital Signs. When we showed up she said she was tired so we were kicked out. The next station was Infection Control and we had to wait for an hour and a half to enter. Out of 10 hours on campus, 2 hours spent doing procedures, and 8 hours spent wasting time. Last Friday's clinical was no better. The clinical instructor did not show up! Sixty or so students were split between the two CIs that did show up. Like the last time we pretty much spent time talking and talking and talking, without actually doing anything. The way the two clinicals went I can only assume how tomorrow will go. My beef is this: our clinical instructor did not bother to get to know us, not once in three weeks! The only time she saw us she looked bored, yawning, running out the building. I feel like when we do show up at the hospital, I (not sure about the others) will not feel prepared to do even basic things. Btw, I am not the only one who is annoyed by such disorganization and clinical instructor's lack of interest in her students. What should I do?
  16. FutureNurseInfo

    Fear of failure?

    As I was reading your post I thought you might be in my program. I am going into week 3 as well, and will be taking my first round of nursing exams in a couple of weeks. I have been through bachelor's and master's programs and did well, but I know nursing is a completely different type of learning and education! I do agree with Glucagon that worrying is a lot of wasted time and energy, but it is easier said than done! I keep thinking that I do not studying enough. I do feel after the first exams I will have a better picture of what to expect. I guess try not to stress much and do your best, and once you take your first exam you will have a better idea!

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