So...failed my NCLEX for the second time. I feel so a dissapointment to everyone. I wished I could have passed. It's hard for me right now because I have moved out with my boyfriend, and don't have a he is paying all of the bills. I just feel crappy because I can't help pay for anything. THen to top it off I have to study and take the test again....and hope I pass.... I mean I am always going to have some doubt now that I won't pass...this sux


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life is rough. i'm still looking for a job. everyone is struggling thru something, don't feel bad, were all in the boat with u. nclex is tough, don't let failing intimidate you. many people have taken it again and passed. many times in life problems mount one on top of another, why is that. my sad story is that i've looking for a job as a pn since january 2007, found one last week and now i don't have it anymore. i remain confident and you should to about your situation. good luck and stay up from one nurse to another;)


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Don't be too hard on yourself . Many people do need to take the exame more than once. Maybe you should take a NCLEX review class. They usually teach you strategies to depicting the questions and narrowing down the answers. Do you know what area you are weak in? Is it the knowledge level or just not understanding the questions?


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I feel like you have described my situation! I have a part time job right now while studying to take the NCLEX again, but it doesn't get the bills paid and I am relying on my fiance as well. It's a tough situation to be in, but don't give up! It took me a long time to pick up a book to study again without crying or having a panic attack, but with some time it gets better. It helps hearing from others in the same situation. It just proves that we are not alone! Best Wishes!


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I'm here with you also. I returned to college after 20 years. The last semester was interupted by hurricane Katrina. Evacuated. Returned to see my home covered in trees. Weeks of me and a chainsaw.

The waters went down and the school opened back up. We were given the option of taking what would be a sped up course or wait. I couldn't afford to wait.

I completed the wham bam marathon course. My finest hour. Three months later I would fail. Almost forgot, shortly after school ended my wife became pregnant.

I had to laugh when I got my results because I remembered finishing my test thinking what the heck was that and how could one prepare for such nonesense again. I had gone through a review course I think of now as a pep rally.

You are definately not alone.

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honey dont feel bad i failed my nclex-rn for the ..time, believe its been more than 2, and i am a us grad...i have a child and parents to support and i am trying to join my husband in out of state so we can finaly be together after many years of being apart...its hard i know but dont give up and dont loose hope, you have support of many people on this forum...

try again and u will be succesful...good luck and god bless!!!


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Why don't you try suzannes plan...


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chin up. you are'nt alone. we're on the same boat. i have tried twice, wasnt fortunate. i have been looking for a job and nobody wants me either i am not bilingual (spanish-english), i am over qualified or i dont have USA experience and England experiences isnt valid which is really a frustration. so i ended up being House Manager(that's the way i call it lol) bec i manage our house so to speak lol. it is difficult because all my life i have been workaholic and now i couldnt even have a nice pedicure and hubby is trying his best to provide for us. But you know what? do not let frusrations, sadness and feeling of "I couldnt help" defeat you from passing nclex. it is difficult to pick up ourselves after the bad news of failing the test, but we need to be optimistic that with trying, we can achieve something. we may try once or more or way way more, but we should never give up. our family loves us. make them your inspiration. dont mind those people who will say negative about you. they will just gonna make you feel aweful. hope we pass. best of luck to all of us... remember, keep on trying, one of those tries will be a very lucky try:D


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I feel the same way you do! It took me so long just to build up enough confidence to take it the third time. I know you will be able to take it and pass it. :) Now I'm waiting for my results.

Keeping my fingers crossed! :heartbeat


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I feel the same way you do! It took me so long just to build up enough confidence to take it the third time. I know you will be able to take it and pass it. :) Now I'm waiting for my results.

Keeping my fingers crossed! :heartbeat

When did you take yours?


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I took my nclex on 5-21-07. I think I have another week or 2 weeks of waiting.

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