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Exceptional clinical teacer...gift?

It is almost the end of the semester and me and my 7 other classmates are planning to give our clinical teacher a present for being so wonderful! What should we get? Should we even get one? I was thinking of a mug with our pictures on it.

Typically, I would say that a gift wouldn't be appropriate (like if it were anything big), but I think a mug with your group picture on it with a nice packet of hot cocoa, tea, or coffee would be a really nice, small, inexpensive way to say thank you.

I personally just stick with a thank you card so that there is never any question about gifts between teacher and student, but that may just be my own thing (since I am a former teacher). I think your small gift idea is totally appropriate and would be very appreciated! :0)

Our clinical group had a get together at the home of one of the student's parents. We presented the clinical instructor with a few gifts of a personal nature, one of them being a book that was popular at the time. Don't remember the others. I didn't get involved with choosing the gifts, I just gave my share of the costs. I don't recall any of the gifts being over the top. But who knows, anyway, nothing came of it and the instructor certainly acted appreciative.

We had a group picture taken, had everyone in our clinical sign a picture border, put it in a frame and gave it to her. I think a picture on a mug is a cute idea to.


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a group pic is a great idea! We always give our clinical instructors a gift. It like our school tradition..lol We have given gifts like

1. a lab coat with their name on it

2. a snow globe with thanx prof. from clinical group FA08 or SP05

3. a giftcard i.e especially a gas card


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we had a clinical instructor that we all loved. so the last day of clinical we took a picture together with her. then we went to target and got a frame with a mat around it and blew the picture up to fit inside (it was like a 5 x7 i think). we bought silver sharpies and everyone wrote on the mat around the picture about how awesome she was. we all presented it to her together. she was so touched that she cried.... i speak with her periodically and she said its on her desk and it was the most thoughtful gift she'd ever gotten.

no gifts!!! not ethical and could raise some questions! would you accept gifts from patients???

our class had a huge discussion about this last week. Its a big no-no!!

a thank you card is more than enough. In fact, the biggest and best gift you can give your instructors is to pass the registration exam!!

This semester was the first semester we had a REALLY great instructor. We got together and came up with the idea of a customized bobble head doll that was hand made to look exactally like her!! SHe has a wonderful sense of humor and it fit her to a "T." It cost @ 150.00, but there was 37 students @ the time so we each chipped in @ 4.00 each to cover the cost. We just gave it to her last week and she was floored to say the least. It even came with a 10 second voice recording so you could say something nice and she can play it whenever. If you want to check them out the website is whoopass.com

Getting gifts for an instructor is never appropriate. Most instructors will not receive gifts from students because it looks like bribing. I think what our group did on the last day one semester, we brought donuts and coffee for the entire staff on the floor.

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Our group decided to get her a picture of us at the hospital w/ the mat signed by each of us. Some homemade cookies, some Starbucks tea and a $25 gift card to a book store.

We aren't graded in clinicals and she already told us what she thought of our performance so I don't think it could be seen as a bribe.

I like the idea of giving gifts to a clinical instructor (or any instructor, really). However, I think it's best to give it as a group, as many of the posters have already described. When given as a group from the class, there can be no "special favors" and it cannot be considered a bribe.

I'm not in nursing school yet, but in my earlier college days I had several classes where the profs were so great that the entire class chipped in and we bought them gifts. It was great!

It's been stated that we shouldn't give gifts either. One of my instructors already said that they are paid well, and we should save our money & treat ourselves to something. We did give our CI a thank you card & brought treats for the staff.

When given as a group from the class, there can be no "special favors" and it cannot be considered a bribe.


actually that is incorrect... what if you got that instructor again? Or what if you got chosen for something special? if people knew you gave a gift (even a group gift) and you are pulling off good marks, people WILL be concerned. It wont matter what the intention was, it will look bad!

the fact is, its just not ethical as the instructor is in a position of power. would you accept a gift from a patient? would you give a gift to a patient? Here in Canada that is a huge no-no and is part of our compendium of standards. no gift giving/acceptance of gifts.

I understand that you'd want to give something, but I know my role is that of student so there are boundaries that should not be crossed. Our instructors will refuse gifts because they know its not appropriate.


It's been stated that we shouldn't give gifts either. One of my instructors already said that they are paid well, and we should save our money & treat ourselves to something. We did give our CI a thank you card & brought treats for the staff.

thats what we are doing! we are having a huge pot luck lunch this weekend and the staff are joining us!

We brought bagels & juice for our last day of clinicals and my instructor loved it because she loves food :lol2: We also got her a thank you card and everyone wrote a little "thank you" message and things like that :)


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We all put in $5, and got our clinical instructor a card, and $50 gift certificate to her favorite resturant. There are four clinical groups, and they were all doing gifts. In addition, the last semester groups all said they did gifts so it's sort of expected I think.

Our clinical instructor was awsome so I would have given her a gift regardless. She was always so supportive and kind. She gave us little surprises throughout the semester (cupcakes, snacks, little erasers) etc. She always went out of her way to brighten our days if she could. If she knew you were doing your part she always gave 100% to make sure you had the knowlege, skills to be successful.

Our last clinical for the semester was week before last, and she purchased some really beautiful certificates for everyone. The paper is heavy quality, and she spent some time on the penmenship so they are perfect for framing.

If you want to give a personal gift I don't see a problem as long as it's inexpensive. During the semester I baked cookies, and wrapped up 4 of them in pretty cellephane as a gift for my instructor. I also did this each week for the nurse I shadowed the week before. It wasn't expensive, but just a thoughtful way to say "Thank you, and I appreciate you".

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