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i started tpapn back in march and was hoping to only be on it for 1 year but turns out that i will have to be on it for 3 years unless i can get an exception from the board. i was wondering if anyone has ever actually attempted this??? and if so how did it go and what was the process? i have over 6 years of sobriety so i feel like i can make a good case for myself but i also feel like it's most likely not to go through just because well...it's the board and tpapn and frankly they don't give a ****.

We don't have early releases in Pennsylvania that I know of. However, here's hoping that the gates of hell (which is life in monitoring land) creek open and let one good nurse with six years of sobriety fly out. I'll send up a prayer for you

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Did you talk to TPAPN program director? The issue with going to the board is it may become public record. By petitioning the board they will likely give you an order of some type. Personally I would not involve the Board. My understanding is the EEP which is one year is for people who are not addicts, but got busted on drug screen. I.e. Smoked a joint at a class reunion type of thing.


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Not to break your bubble but you do know TPAPN is a major source of money for some people. My lawyer told me not to even think about requesting an exception unless it to become charge nurse or to not be supervised by an RN. Anything that involve's money in drug test, evaluations, psych visits are 99.99% rejected. That's Texas for ya!!!!


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I know the odds. But I'd like to try if it's even slightly plausible. I got a couple of my restrictions lifted from the get go and never thought that would happen.this may be very different but if there's a chance and it doesn't risk there be issues then the worst they could say is no.

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I'm gonna agree with noctanol. If what you are asking to be relieved of involves $$$$, It isn't happening. It does not not matter one whit what got you you here. Once you are here, you are nothing but another number in a file. Not to sound rude but to them, you are nothing special and merely another "case" to squeeze cash from. I sorry but I would not get your hopes up.

Yeah if Texas is anything like Pennsylvania if it costs these Vampires even a drop of blood you are out of luck


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I'm not. Like i said i really don't expect it to go my way.


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Some times you are better off just riding the waves than having someone who may or may not think highly of you, look at your file once again. Is there any reason you want out other than the money aspect?? I have read on this forum of a lady that answered that it was because she wanted to enjoy the weekend with family, have wine blah blah blah. She wants even an alcoholic and was almost at the last 2 drug tests. Well she mysteriously came up positive on her last test for alcohol which swears she hadn't had for 3 + years. She swears she didn't have any alcohol related products either and went on to drug test as usual like she did for 3 yrs. I felt she was telling the truth but her answer to TxBON although truthful and genuine was nothing short of "suicide" for lack of a better term. She had to start from step 1.. I'm riding mine under the Rader all the way. TxBON dosent care about anything, they were testing people left, right and center in the middle of the hurricane. Good luck and all the best.

I agree with "staying under the radar". I loathe this program and my PNAP Counselor, My "Therapist" and anybody that comes in contact with me knows what I think of all of this garbage. However, they also know that I intend on being fully complaint. Why the stark contrast? It's because I have come to the conclusion that these people have me by the you-know-whats and there is only one way out of this hell and that's to follow their rules so I do to a "T". I never miss the retarded nurse support meeting, I ensure all my paperwork gets turned in on time (if not early) and (most of all) I check in everyday and promptly comply with all DAU demands. I don't drink or drug. I've gone so far as to tell my counselor and therapist I would fake a "good attitude" (aka lying) about the benefit of all this BS if it helped but they said that wasn't necessary. I hate all of this and once I get my release my first stop after hearing might be the "flew outta hell" party my fellow nurses are already planning for me but I will not give them any excuse to keep me in this hell another minute. It's the only way outta this hell


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Hi Spanked. I love your comments because you so eloquently state everything I have felt during my almost 3 years in hell, aka PNAP. By my count, I should be free in 175 days. Hard to believe I feel even more like I'm walking on eggshells than I did in the beginning.

To the OP- sorry for hijacking your thread, but I don't post much and am not able to PM.

Good luck with your early exception attempt!