1. After failing my first attempt in November, I decided I was gonna enjoy the holidays and get back in the game in January...but the study guide has been calling me, my home lab has been staring at me every time I walk by and snickering at me, and I'm so hungry for that 'P' that I just can't ignore it I'm back at it....slowly but surely. I'm not gonna rush this time and I will be setting up my pmnt plan this wknd, hopefully to get a date in March/April, preferably in EXACTLY the same place I failed - Albany I come!!!!
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  3. by   frankie,RN
    Dont give up. Keep at it. know your pnuemonics. stick to ur grid and make sure u put everything on it. calm ur nerves. most importantly, pray. it should be a better experience the second time around. good luck to you
  4. by   Conqueror+
    Well your attitude is EXACTLY as it should be. You cannot pass unless you believe you will. I am rooting for you. The CPNE is a monster.
  5. by   Erikadawn RN
    I passed my CPNE the 2nd time around at Albany Medical center. It is a good hospital, what I did, I refocused on the issues that caused me to fail. I practiced my mnemonics until I knew them without thinking. I practiced pcs, everytime I had a patient at work. I always ID the patient, checked there name tag, and washed my hands. No matter how many times a day I did it. The second time, I was in my car at 10:15 on Sunday morning. Good Luck
  6. by   BeachCathyRN
    Great Attitude and Good Luck!! Just started the studying myself and looking for April to May test date taking my time and learning this stuff!!
  7. by   Raggedy Ann
    awesome attitude...we are all behind you. you are going to skin that beast this time. =)
  8. by   t-lo
    Funny how things "call out to us" isn't it. And as the others have said you do have a great attitude and a great plan. Review some now, hit it hard after the holidays and plan to test in March/April. Leave no stone unturned. The students at Chambersburg this past weekend had Ear drops assigned in the meds, Hemovacs to drain, Wound management to do and NG tubes to flush.
    And use your 1st experience as a positive...because now you know what to expect and will not have the fear of ther unknown. Good Luck!
  9. by   OneFlyNurz
    Thanks everyone, I'm a lot more confident because i failed the first time, and I look forward to gettin the hell outta there real early Sunday morning. I'm taking my time, revamping my study plan, my nerves r honestly still a little rattled but my determmination is overriding that and i absolutely REFUSE TO LOSE! I'm gonna study my mnemonics like my life depends on it (and it does), I'm going to go in with a confidence like they've never seen because I am gonna KNOW MY STUFF, and I'm not just talking, i'm dead serious. It's mine and I'm going to get it! This is all I have standing in my way, I'm not even scared of the boards, that's the crazy part! I'm positive if I took the boards right now I'd pass with no sweat....but i gotta conquer the beast first, and boy am i gonna rip him a new a$$H#%*, pardon my french lol. Thank u guys so much for all ur help and support to me, and everybody who uses this site and gains from it like I do, I appreciate you!
  10. by   dollbaby
    I passed the CPNE my second time around. I did not have your positive attitude after I failed though. I did not pick up a book for a year until I received the re-enrollment invoice and I said nope.....this is the last time I'm paying this fee. Failing that first time really devastated me but it was totally my fault. I was not prepared. The second time around I actually had fun during the PCS's because I had memorized a script just like I was in a movie and I just recited my script and did the tasks that I needed to do as I was talking. I was totally well prepared the second time around plus I knew what to expect. Made all the difference in the world. Good luck I know you can do it this time!!
  11. by   Kidnurse1963
    Hi, I am scheduled for my CPNE April 13-15, 2012 in Albany. I have been an LPN since right out of High School, 27 years, lol. It is a do or die situation. I refuse to pay all of that money again. And I never want to see that bill come to pay for another year. I was originally scheduled for Syracuse Oct. 7th but my little girl was sick and ended up in the hospital. I have been studying every day for about 2 weeks now. I will continue to study and memorize the Critical Elements. I am concerned about the Care Plans since I haven't written one from scratch in forever. I've been a Peds Nurse for the last 17 years so I'm more concerned about getting a chatty little old lady and running out of time. But it is doable and I will succeed. I am aggrivated that they recently removed the journals with NO explanation. So I am hoping to find some journals on here. Thanks all. Terri
  12. by   nursingforever35
    You can do it.
  13. by   k9kabs
    I too failed in Nov., and I am trying again in Utica in March. I took an EC workshop and haunt Tina to no end. I think you have a great attitude, and I wish you all the luck in the world in Albany.

    Let us know when you are going...