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  1. t-lo

    CPNE question

    You get about 4 feet on the table to do the wound. Good Luck with your studies
  2. t-lo

    CPNE Study guide...

    You are correct there aren't many changes from the 18-19th editions. Good Luck!
  3. t-lo


    ce= critical elements...and if you know your stuff you can pass anywhere...but if you don't know what you are doing the examiners will not be nice
  4. t-lo

    CPNE Study guide...

    As far as I know it is not legal to pass on any copyrighted materials Asking for the CPNE ™ Study guide which is copyrighted to be sent to you from someone other than EC would be a violation of copyright. Hence why no one is replying or sending it to you. The new edition of CPNE ™ and the manual should be ready in the next few weeks. It is usually out by the 15-30th of Sept. I understand your pain/want to begin reading and I give you kudoos for your motivation. Since you have to wait for the 19th edition I have a suggestion for you.... Why not order the skills kit from EC for the labs and begin practice. It will give you a head start and something productive to do.... Sound like a plan???? Good Luck :)
  5. t-lo

    any help on vital in cpne...

    a pcs runs like this and this is a basic time table 30 minutes in planning 1 hour- 1 hour and 30 minutes in implementation 30 minutes to complete the evaluation phase a pcs is a total of 2.5 hours start to finish. the ce will review the pt assignment kardex and then mark the start time. students then have the 2.5 hours to read the chart information write the care plans, highlight the forms, make the grid, complete the time in the room for implementation and complete all the narrative charting, the evaluation form of the priority problem and finish the fluid management sheet. 2.5 hours seems like a long time, but i promise it will fly by and students are wishing they had more time. don’t waste time! students have 30 minutes in the planning phase to: read the pertinent chart information, write 2 relevant care plans to get them in the room, make a grid with all the mnemonics, and highlight their pcs form. the implementation phase is the time spent in the room and should be approximately 1 hour. then there is a 30 minute bumper… in case something goes wrong, or you spend a few extra minutes in planning…. figure this 30 minutes as 15 minutes for something to go wrong and 15 minutes to fix it and then a student will have 30 minutes in the evaluation phase to complete the charting, evaluation page and the fluid management page of the pcs packet. and for your own sake…. don’t think a quiet place will be provided to chart…most times the ce puts students at the nurses station with the phones ringing and people talking. if…and only if you have a nice ce and if there is a quiet place available for you to chart….consider yourself lucky hope this helps :)
  6. t-lo

    any help on vital in cpne...

    just my 2 cents worth 1st i need to comment what was posted by ineverseeu aug 4 ****“i can't get vitals from some elderly people -- sometimes radial, sometimes apical. is it ok to spend 10 to 20 minutes just on pulse, as long as i finish the whole implementation on time? no it is not ok to spend 20-30 minutes on just a pulse. a pcs is a total of 2.5 hours and that includes reading the chart, writing your care plans, all of implementation and the evaluation phases. a student only spends 1hour- 1 hour 30 minutes in the room tops. so to spend 20-30 minutes just on a pulse…is not practical and it doesn’t show proficiency. to be successful at cpne ™ not only do you have to do things correctly but you have to be proficient at them, show organization and manage your time. the only way you get proficient is by practicing… so grab your family and friends and do extra at work and you will become proficient and successful at vs for the clinical. also if you can’t feel a radial pulse cdm can be invoked and you can do an apical. frankie is correct the b/p cuff can only be pumped up to no more than 30 mm above the baseline. do you know how to establish the pt’s baseline systolic…. the student has to take the last 24 hours, prior to the pcs, of systolic’s add them together and then divide them to get the average…. the last b/p on the chart is not the baseline. the b/p cuff also as to be place on the arm correctly…. mid way between the shoulder and the anticubital….and the arrow on the cuff has to point to the brachial area and the brachial pulse needs to be assessed prior for stethoscope placement. i know a student formally on this site that failed a pcs because the arrow on the cuff wasn’t placed correctly on the pt’s arm. frankie is also correct many times students take vs for granted…. you’d be surprised how much your head is pounding when you try to take a b/p or a pulse and how it disturbs our hearing…. ineverseeu….it’ s time to grab that stereoscope + b/p cuff and attack your family, friends, pt’s at work and co-workers to practice ….practice… practice so you can also be successful at cpne ™
  7. t-lo

    CPNE next week !!!!

    Nervous1- Remember...1 Lab at a time...1 PCS at a time...1 Day at a time Focus...Focus...Focus Good Luck! t-lo
  8. t-lo

    CPNE next week !!!!

    This is toooooooo Funny! LMAO:rotfl:
  9. t-lo

    Excelsior Classes questions

    Because your LPN clasess do not carry college credits with them...They are not transferable. Only College credits or College equivalence courses such as CLEP, DANTES and a few others transfer. Good Luck!
  10. t-lo

    Are exam prices going up?

    6 years ago when I took CPNE gas prices were under $2.00 a gallon. Everything goes up. EC is still cheeper than going the traditional route. Sure the community college route is a little cheeper but don't forget to add the price of gas at over $3.00 a gallon and the sitter's fees onto the community college tuition and all the extra time needed to travel back and forth to classes 5 dyas a week and clinicals 2-4 days a week.
  11. t-lo

    CPNE musculoskeletal management

    If I am not mistaken flex/extesion and adduct/abduction were in your Health Safety materials. A Fundamentals of Nursing text will show you how with pictures
  12. t-lo

    Passed CPNE at Albany Med 6/3/12!

    :yeah:CONGRATULATIONS:yeah:.... and yes you are correct...No one understands the journey's path until we take it
  13. t-lo

    A moment of reflection...

    What a shame to have lost him so early in life. A true student advocate. It saddens me to see this message. Prayers to the family and friends who have lost him t-lo
  14. t-lo

    EC Philadelphia PA Area?

    I'm up by Wilkes-Barre Pa. Good Luck:) t-lo
  15. t-lo

    PASSED FCCA...now stuck

    I was a little concerned when I saw Boston nurse type that she chose 8/31 as her date. So that is your ready date. EC won't give you a date until everything is in and 3/4's of the clinical fee is paid. So just in case you are confused... your application says you will be ready as of 8/31 and will accept a date on or after 8/31. And BTW great ideas about the pics! Good Luck!
  16. t-lo

    Need help making up my mind!!

    No it is not a scam. Excelsior's LPN to RN is the real deal. As Lunah wrote though, please check with your State BON to see if there is any restricitons to the program in your state.

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