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EC grads, Post your year of graduation and your specialty/specialties. I'll go first: I've been a Level II/III Neonatal ICU nurse since graduation in January '06. Update 5/2018: I've... Read More

  1. by   KJB_65
    Graduated ASN 1999. Was an LPN 4 years before that. I'm a Hospice Case Manager.
  2. by   cpnegrad07
    graduated in june, started my first job in oct in med-surg. it has been a ***** but getting better. would not recommend this school for those of us with NO hospital experience (Paramedic). I'm very lucky that this hospital is desperate enuf to train me.
  3. by   Laurie888
    I was in Excelsior with no prior nursing/hospital experience -- I got in via the 'more than half-way through' a traditional program route. I did have SOME nursing assistant hospital experience, which I did mostly so that I would feel more comfortable going up to a patient during the CPNE and doing whatever was necessary.

    Most people will tell you, you don't learn the bulk of the job until you are ON the job. They let us actually 'do' next to nothing in nursing school. I don't find Excelsior lacking in the least. If you have much of your clinical work behind you you are every bit as qualified as any other ADN graduate, depending of course on what you put into it.

    Myself, I am an RN finishing my first year in a Renal/Med Surg unit. I actually started out in Corrections. I was graduated April 2005, passed my boards in June 2005. Would have taken them sooner, but couldn't decide which state to go with, living/working in an area where 4 states were within reasonable commuting distance.
  4. by   Debilpn23
    Quote from Boston-RN
    I graduated as an LPN June 06, started EC Sept 06, graduated Oct 19 07, took NCLEX Oct 31, interviewed at Beth Israel in Boston on Nov 12th on the Cardio Thoracic Surgical Floor and got the job offer today....

    not too shabby for a person that was a "low pressure nurse" or "lets pretend nurse" and someone that went to an "online college" one of the top hospitals in boston on a CT surgical floor....
    Hi BostonRN I was so gald to read your message I am from North of Boston graduated Aug 07 and have just started EC your email made me feel more confident about doing Ec Congrad on the job at Beth Isreal:spin:
  5. by   billythekid
    new EC grad in Nov 07... starting in the CVICU.. hospital has a 12 month ICU fellowship training program
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from billythekid
    new EC grad in Nov 07... starting in the CVICU.. hospital has a 12 month ICU fellowship training program
    Congratulations!! That is wonderful.
  7. by   Melinurse
    Graduated May 2008, working in Neurology and in Med-Surg at local hospital. OMG! I still remember how NERVOUS I was when I took my CPNE. WOW! The stress was unreal, but I did it with no repeats. The best part for me is knowing that if I can conquor this then I can accomplish anything.
  8. by   LaxNP
    I graduated in September of 2007. Worked adult med surg for a few months and got bored. Currently working at a Level 1 Pediatric ICU. Love my job and wouldnt trade it for anything. I see the people at the hospital doing their CPNE and feel bad b/c I know what their going through. Finish my BSN through a traditional college in the fall. Currently applying to grad school for Peds NP and education. Also deciding if the LSATs and law school are worth it, thats plan B.

  9. by   traumahawk99
    graduated excelsior 2 years and a few months ago. now doing med surge tele as a traveler, making incredible $$, though the hours are long.

    this year i'm on track to make 150k. hoping to get off the floor in another year.
  10. by   txspadequeenRN
    this is the best thread ever and i cant wait until i can contribute...will apply for cpne 07/09/2008
  11. by   herbivorousRN
    I was an LPN for 12 years before graduating from Excelsior in March 2007. Since graduation, I have been working on a cardiac step-down unit at a Florida hospital. I am in a BSN program now at a state university. I am currently studying for the CCRN exam, then I will be transferring into open heart recovery and CVICU. I wholeheartedly recommend Excelsior College to anyone considering it.... they have made all my dreams a reality.
  12. by   mandasueRN
    Graduated October 2007, worked in EMS for 7 years prior, I have worked in the emergency department of a level I trauma center since January 2007. I'm a trauma nurse specialist. I am working on my BSN online through Indiana Wesleyan University, hope to graduate 2010 then obtain my Emergency Clinical Nurse Specialist.

    Congratulations to everyone else who graduated from "that online school".
  13. by   DC2RN
    Graduate ADN in 2004. Worked in CTICU shortly and for a while on a tele floor. Presently working in the OR at a Level I trauma center. I just finished my OR orientation. Currently in ANP school.

    Excelsior was the best career move that I ever made!! I could never do it any other way.