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Hello everyone!

Has anyone heard of any of the ADN programs offering evening nursing programs? I had heard that Butler County was going to start one but that has been awhile and I haven't heard anything since. That would sure make it easier on the returning older college students with children. I have heard that alot of colleges was going to have to start offering this due to the shortages.

Just wondering!


manna, BSN, RN

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I've heard of evening/weekend nursing programs before, but haven't ever put any solid research into it (there are none in my area).

I was graduated from a night program in Memphis, TN. Not sure if it is still available as I moved. We had class Tues/Thurs night from 5-8 pm and clinicals on Sat. 6-6. I got to keep my day job but every weekend was spent studying. Worked for me.


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Hi Amy,

Although I'm in New Jersey, I have heard of many schools starting to offer evening/weekend programs. My CC just started one this semester. I was givent the choice of joining the evening/weekend program but I decided that it wasn't for me. Although I have 4 children (9,7, 3,14 mths.) it would be extremely hard to study in the day with my 3 & 14 mth olds at home...so I opted for the day program in Sept. 2004. But I do think it's a wonderful alternative to the day program...we have so many responsibilities as parents/guardians.



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hi fatima,

what school do you attend that has the evening/weekend program? i do reside in new jersey too.



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I attend an evening weekend program here in Maryland. The first semester we attend class two days a week and have clinicals every other saturday and sunday and the second year we have class on Thursday evening 4:30- 9pm. and Clinical every Monday and Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 11:30.

There are quite a few programs here in Maryland that offer this option.

Hope this helps


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I attend an Evening/Weekend Program at a CC. First semester I went to lab/class one night a week for 4 hours, then had clinical on Saturdays from 7AM to 3PM. This semester is my second and we have lab/class one night a week for 1 hour and still have clinical on Saturdays from 7A to 3P.

Next year we will still have lab/class one night a week and then have clinical on Saturday and Sundays from 7A to 3P.

I should also mention that rather than go to class lecture in the evenings I download notes and readings from the internet and then sign up to go take my exams on campus.

If I wanted to I would have the option of going to campus for Lab/class and then going again for lecture and have clinical on top of it all on the weekends.


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There are quite a few evening programs in NH, but evening is sort of misleading, since they start right after the day programs end, at 3:30 or 4pm. More like afternoon and evening, instead of evening. I think it still makes it hard for people that work during the day. That's why a lot recommend you have every pre-req done, then just apply to evening programs for the nursing courses.

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I attend the evening program at my CC also. The year I started, they did something new and offered day clinicals, so I took that choice, but my lectures and labs have always been in the evenings and there are evening clinicals. "Evening" being after 4pm.

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They just started one this year to ease up on the waiting list.


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I just graduated in December from an evening ADN program. Although the nursing part of the program is 2 years, it is HIGHLY recommended that you have all the pre-req's done before you enter the program. I had all my pre-req's done, so total it took me 3 years, although I never carried more then 9 credits. I worked full time the first year of the program, then I had to cut back to 16 hours/week the second year of the program. It was an intense program. Classes Mondays 6-8, Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-10 and clinicals every other Sat/Sun from 6:00-3:30. The last semester we only had class on Mondays and clinicals every other Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-10:30 and every other Sat/Sun 6:00-3:30. It was an ok program, lots of clinical time. The last semester to me was the hardest with all the clinical focus and TONS of papers. Worthwhile though, I'm now a RN, so I guess they prepared me! :p


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I attend an E/W program at Northampton CC in PA. We attend Class on M/W 5-7p. My lab is on Wednesdays from 7-10.

Clinicals are every other Sat/Sun 7-3. My school offers the E/W program every other year.

Works out great! Wouldn't be able to do a day program, I don't think.

what school do you attend that has the evening/weekend program? i do reside in new jersey too.

Warren County Community College has an E/W program starting in Fall '04. They will not offer it every year. I think every other.

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