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I am taking my last three prereq's and one of them is professional ethics class. I have been there two days now, and it is horrible! The teacher is a total goober, and makes it completely boring. I think it could be an ok class, but dealing with him is ruining it! Anyone have any hints or suggestions on how you survived this one? Oh, and the book we are using, is nothing but pages and pages of written research papers conducted by other ethics people. Ugh.:confused:

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Does the prof give you a chance to ask questions? Maybe you could compose some ethical situations to ask about during class to try to get some discussion going. I took ethics ages ago, and it wasn't one of my favorite classes, but it wasn't awful either.


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I'm taking classical Ethics this semester online. So far it's not too bad but not sure about the tests we will have. So far we are reading about Socrates and Plato which I would have never thought would be part of Ethics but you never know when you sign up for a class.

Can't offer any assistance, but good luck!!!


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Well, at least we aren't doing Plate and Socrates! This is called Professionalism in Ethics, so it's all about ethics in the workplace. Could be really interesting, jury still out! I have to just grin and bear it I guess!

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Get a better ethics book, may I suggest Aiken's Legal, Ethical, and political Issues in Nursing, and read it during class. At least your time won't be totally wasted.

I could not imagine a text as dull as that!!! Ugh! You poor things, what a dud for a teacher!

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Can be very dry. I don't know any way to make it fun if the prof is not doing so. Tough it out and be honest on your class evaluation. I chaired several ethics committee and people either loved it or hated it......



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Is it too late to drop the class? Maybe you can say that your work changed schedules and you have to take Ethics at a different time. Just a suggestion :)


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I just wanted to wish you luck. Other than forming a few questions, that's about all I have to offer.

I loved the ethics classes I've taken. When I was in high school, I dated a philosophy professor, and .... Well, it didn't end very well, actually. I think he may have been gay.

But I took the ethics class that was required at my nursing school (they wouldn't accept ethics classes from other schools) and I would joke about it at work. "I have an ethics test tonight. Perhaps I'll cheat."Hah hah - very clever. But then, of course, I only got a "B" in it.

I don't really have any help for you - some classes you do just have to slog through if you can't change to some other class. Our professor was just wonderful! I wonder what kind of teacher "my" philosophy professor was/is? Probably not very good - he was pretty dry, just as a boyfriend.




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Jeez, that's a real shame. I would think that an Ethics class in Nursing would be really interesting. Is it designed for Nurses or is just "Professional Ethics" in general for any profession?

I liked the suggestion memphis had about bringing topics to class and maybe getting the teacher and the rest of your class into some dialog. That would make it way more interesting and you would probably learn a lot more than reading what other people think of Ethics. Yuck, nothing worse than a whole textbook of research papers.

Really, what a shame, with so many hot topics surrounding Nursing and Medicine in General your teacher could have made this such a fun and interesting class.


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I took medical ethics a few years ago, it was interesting.

Sociology was very boring to me, as the Prof rarely let us ask questions.

Do the best you can to stay awake, sorry I don't have any great advice.

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