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I tried to google the answer but nothing came up so I figured I'd ask you guys. I have a friend that works at a hospital and receives tuition reimbursement. She goes to community college where cost is inexpensive and She receives a pell grant so she doesn't pay anything for books or tuition etc. And I didn't know you could be reimbursed if you don't pay for school. I don't know much about this topic but I'm just curious. It sounds like fraud? Pocketing your employers money? My friend won't get reimbursed until she proved she passed her class. I just feel like if you were allowed to do this everyone would be doing it and I understand each employer has there own rules and guidelines. But is this allowed?


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Maybe the employer benefits don't cover everything so Pell covers the balance

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My hospital provides tuition reimbursement, but in order to get the money you have to show them a receipt that shows how much you actually paid. I was going to apply for it, but my Pell Grant covers everything. I'm unable to get any reimbursement since I didn't actually pay anything. Maybe your friend's hospital has different rules.

I realized I misread the question, editing my previous post. I agree with PP, most employers would require a receipt and reimburse. However, the policy of your friend's place of employment may not require this. I think it depends on where she is employed.


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Yes when I was asking her about it she did say they ask for a receipt but she said they don't ask how you pay for it they just want to see you paid. She even seemed a little confused herself that's why I asked on here

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I had to submit both my report card (minimum grade of 85/B) and a receipt that indicates that I paid, not financial aid. The only reimbursement possibly with financial aid is if you used a student loan. Tuition, books & fees fully paid by grants or scholarships were not reimbursable anywhere I worked.

If that's the case, per her place of employment, I don't see anything wrong. If they're not asking how she paid for it and only require the receipt, it is the employer who is determining the requirements for the reimbursement. Their loss, her gain.

My wife's hospital offers reimbursement, she set up a delayed payment with her school. At the end of the Semester, she presents her passing grades to her employer and they cut her a check..... There is a $3000 a year limit. My job is almost the same, except my school requires me to pay at enrollment and won't allow me to pay at the end of the semester. Both of us have to buy our own books and supplies.... Usually you can rent those or buy them much cheaper online verses the school book store.


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It the Seattle area, as far as things I've heard about reimbursement are concerned, the hospitals don't pay for schooling anymore. The unions, however, do. At the hospital I'm a CNA at, for example, after I've been there for a year (and part of the union for a year), they pay for my nursing school as long as continue to work 24 hours per week or more during school. I do need to still do my research, though. I am interested about reimbursement as well.

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I would read the application for reimbursement. Some will ask if you received aid or grants. You also have to show proof of payment, so when you submit your college bill, it will show loans/aid/grants so they may not reimburse. Good luck


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Check the fine print some hospitals will reimburse but they also require another year of work for every class paid....