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The other night working on a patients, I was absorbed doing what I was supposed to be doing. When a coworker saw a pts family member pick my wallet right out of my pocket. I had that family... Read More

  1. by   squeakykitty
    I can't believe they said they were going to complain. That family member wasn't "entitled" to that wallet. (She really would have something to complain about if her knuckles were rapped with a putter.)[just kidding]
  2. by   babynurselsa
    Well Tom, They were probably just a little short on their co pay and wanted to make sure that they paid that before they left.......

    Did security remove them from the grounds or just the back???
  3. by   bigsyis
    Quote from teeituptom
    I have business cards already with my name, my dept heads name, his tele number all printed out for them. I really do.
    Now that is stylin', really stylin'! I am impressed!

    Wish I'd thought of it!:spin:
  4. by   gonzo1
    Now I've heard it all-----a press ganey wallet
  5. by   teeituptom
    Quote from sjt9721
    Uh-huh...and she gives you an allowance for green fees!
    She does give me my green fee allowance